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Manito Park and Botanical Gardens

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Created: 05 July 2017

 Photo taken at Manito Park and Botanical Gardens, Spokane, Washington State


 Manito Park & Gardens,
 1702 S. Grand Blvd.,
 Spokane, WA 99203

 Phone:   509.363.5455
 Hours:   from dawn to dusk
 Acreage:   90
 Visitor’s Information: 

 No Fee is Required


Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour through an amazing Manito Park and Botanical Gardens. Enjoy the beauty of our beloved Washington State!

 Photo taken at Manito Park and Botanical Gardens, Spokane, Washington State


Spokane is a remarkable city, not only one of the largest and most economically developed cities in the area, but also one of the most beautifully decorated with various parks, gardens, natural areas and other attractions. That is why tourist are attracted to this area as if by magnet.

But Manito Park with its incredible Botanical Gardens is definitely the highlight of Spokane city, astonishing more than 150 thousands of its visitors annually. 

From the very beginning the modern Manito Park was a recreational area (quite undeveloped) designated for public use, and had a name “Montrose Park”. In the year 1904 it was given the name “Manito Park” (which is translated from the language of native tribe as “spirit of nature”) and the development of this unique park started, to make it comfortable and pleasant for the visitors.

From the early years of its existence Manito Park was hosting a zoo, which actually was the highlight of the park, but unfortunately it was closed in 1932, at the times of Great Depression.

 Photo taken at Manito Park and Botanical Gardens, Spokane, Washington State

Nowadays this marvelous park remains the ultimate “garden showplace” in whole Spokane area, which all the tourists strive to visit. The park is a home for the following gardens:

    • Dunkan Garden – named in tribute to the second park’s supervisor, John Dunkan, this beautiful garden in Renaissance style was created in the year 1912. The flowerbeds of this garden are arranged in such a way, that all of them are symmetrical. And the central element of this garden is a beautiful fountain. 

    • Gaiser Conservatory – was originally built in the year 1912, but in 1974 a completely new structure was developed and built. This green-house hosts the exhibition of various tropical plants, and also has a small pond and a waterfall to demonstrate to its visitors. But the best time to visit this Conservatory is Christmas Holidays time, as it is startlingly decorated by thousands of lights, thus making your visit a gem moment!

    • Rose Hill – a paradise for rose-fanciers, demonstrating the variety of about one hundred and fifty species of beautiful rosebushes. The garnish of this garden is also an old pergola, the sundial and a beautiful gazebo.

 Photo taken at Manito Park and Botanical Gardens, Spokane, Washington State

  • Joel E. Ferris Perennial Garden (or as it’s also called – Ferris Garden) demonstrates to its visitors more than 300 species of various perennial vegetable life, and what is really special about this garden – no matter during what season you visit it – you will see it in blossom.

  • Nishinomiya-Tsutakawa Japanese Garden is a wonderful Japanese Garden, named in favorem of Spokane’s sister-city – Nishinomiya, located in Japan, as well as Ed Tsutakawa – the initiator of sister-city relationship between these two cities. The serenity and peace of mind you will feel at this garden is just incredible. 

  • Lilac Garden – is a beautiful part of Manito Park, representing a huge cultivar variety of lilac (over 100 cultivars) helping Spokane to be known as “Lilac City”. 


Besides incredibly beautiful gardens, Manito Park has other facilities and attractions to orchestrate the leisure-time of its visitors and make it interesting and multifarious. Here you may find:

- two playgrounds (Upper and Lower Manito Playgrounds);

- picnic shelters;

- loop drive and a bridge – located almost in the center of the park, providing the “driving visitors” with an amazing panorama of Rose Hill garden.

- Mirror Pond (also known as Duck Pond);

- Park Bench Café;

- basalt rock office building, created in the year 1912 out of natural rock;

- a baseball field.

 Photo taken at Manito Park and Botanical Gardens, Spokane, Washington State

Due to various amenities Manito Park is attractive for the kids all the year round. If you would like to visit it to enjoy the sovereign beauty of incredible nature – choose spring (the best to take delight in the gardens, when the flowers are in blossom) or autumn, when fall foliage colors everything with wondrous colors.

Visiting the park, please mind that the dogs are allowed here only on leash. Bicycles are allowed at the park. And one of the most pleasant points - there is no entrance fee (and neither the parking fee) at Manito Park. Take your time and enjoy the visit! 

These pictures were taken on May 11, 2017


In order to get directions click on the map below:


Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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