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Central Cascades

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Created: 24 September 2012

The Central Cascades region is a very popular recreational area situated less than two hours drive from Seattle. It is possible to leave metropolis with its unbearable speed of life and in several hours be in the wilderness where time stops.

This part of the range is represented by very different mountains. Here you will find snow-capped Glacier Peak which is considered to be the fourth-highest mountain in the state, and Mission Ridge with the best opportunities for skiing.

Geologically, the Central Cascades Mountains are composed of volcanic rocks and Tertiary continental rocks.They lie between older metamorphic rocks to the north, Tertiary marine rocks to the west, and younger volcanic rocks to the south and east.

It should be said that this part of the range is full of diversity, both biological and geological. On the western slopes of the mountains you will meet deep rainforest and on the eastern slopes tourists will enjoy the beauty of steppe.

Wildlife here is also very different. Martens, marmots, bobcat and cougar, bear, deer, elk, and even moose can be found in the wilderness of the Central Cascades.

The mountains are also home for many alpine lakes. The best known are Lake Chelan, Lake Wenatchee and others.

Lake Chelan is the largest natural lake in Washington State, it is very narrow and its length is 55 miles. This lake is fed by streams from the Cascade Mountains and Chelan Mountains. It is considered to be the third deepest lake in the US.

The territory around the other famous lake, Lake Wenatchee, is a camping park. Lake Wenatchee State Park has 12, 623 feet of waterfront. This park is a natural wildlife area, where tourists should be very careful and be aware of the presence of bears. The Wenatchee River divides the park into two parts: south part offers opportunities for camping, swimming, horseback riding, and north part is not well developed and is considered to be a wild part of the park.

This beautiful Central Cascade region opens great opportunities for hikers, skiers and climbers.

Hikers will find here trails from easy 5-mile round trips to an alpine lake to moderate hikes of 10 miles or more. These trails are very popular among the hikers because, as it was mentioned, they are situated not far from Seattle.

Skiers will love quick access to ski resorts such as Mission Ridge Winter Park. Very often you will meet people here, who go skiing after work and then head back home late in the evening.

Climbers will love numerous peaks of the Central Cascades with an elevation of 5, 000 to 7, 000 feet. From these peaks the loveliest alpine views are opened to the climbers.

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