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Washington Regions

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on 25 January 2016
Created: 25 January 2016

The State of Washington is one of the most amazing states of the United States. Its diversity is simply incredible. The awe inspiring beauty of Washington State mountains, the loveliness of its valleys and grandeur of the majestic Pacific Ocean, splendid forests and fascinating alpine lakes provide the countless opportunities for the visitors and residents of the state to experience nature. And various parks, gardens, resorts, numerous attractions and historical sites allow to counterchange the recreation time. Where else is it possible to go skiing in the morning and to laze away sunbathing on a secluded beach?

Photo from the Olympic Peninsula Region, Washington State

One of the most popular and visited regions of the Washington State is Olympic Peninsula, and no wonder why. The Pacific Ocean coast with wonderful beaches and miles of coastal trails, remarkable Olympic Mountains with stunning views and some areas still not explored and astonishing rainforests between them, among which is the ancient Hoh Rainforest, which is the largest temperate rainforest on the continental part of the US, are just some of the attractions of this scenic region. 

And of course one of the main appeals of the coastal part of the Olympic Peninsula region is unbelievably beautiful sunsets painting everything with fabulous colors.

Photo from the North Cascades Region, Washington State

The part of the Cascade Range, running through the State of Washington, is divided into three regions: North Cascades, Central Cascades and South Cascades. Each of these regions is exceptional, with its own unique natural attractions and places of prominence. Striking mountain peaks, marvelous alpine lakes, enchanting river valleys and of course numerous trails allowing to explore these regions, opening the most breathtaking views for the hikers, will be forever imbedded into your memory.

Photo from the Mount Rainier Region, Washington State

Mount Rainier is a unique natural feature of the State of Washington. Being the highest mountain and number three mountain in the list of American ultra-prominent mountain peaks, this amazing natural giant (which has 14, 410 feet at its highest point) on a day with clear sunny weather can be well seen from such remote places as Portland, Oregon State or even from Vancouver Island, Canada. 

Mount Rainier is a center of Mount Rainier National Park, located partially in Pierce County and partially in Lewis County, and comprising the territory of almost 370 square miles. The Mount Rainier region is well-known for its unique plant and animal life. Pristine forests covering the hills and ridges of the mountain, fascinating alpine meadows, hundreds of mountain rivers, streams and of course the enchanting alpine lakes, numerous campgrounds and great skiing possibilities, offered by Mount Rainier region, attract millions of tourists every year. Because of such a variety of entertainment options the tourist flow doesn’t subside at any season.

Photo from the Puget Sound and Islands Region, Washington State

The Puget Sound and Islands Region contains the coastal area of Puget Sound, Puget Sound Lowlands located to the west from the Cascades and to the west from the Olympic Mountains, and numerous islands of Puget Sound. The Puget Sound Lowlands are stretching south up to Olympia, the capital of Washington State. 

This is the most populated region of the state as three quarters of all the state’s population lives here. 

Among the major cities, located at Puget Sound Region, are Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Bremerton and Everett.

This area is full of beautiful parks and recreation areas. Located on the coast, it has a wide range of water activities to offer to its visitors and residents, among which are rafting and kayaking, fishing and boating, swimming and whale-watching.

The territory of the Puget Sound and Islands Region has many various attractions, among which is the Deception Pass State Park, located on Whidbey Island near Oak Harbor. This is one of the most often visited parks in Washington. Occupying 4,134 acres of scenic territory, the park boasts of its beaches and numerous campgrounds, old growth forests and almost forty miles of walking trails, offering the visitors such recreation opportunities as horse riding, crabbing, fishing and clamming, wildlife watching and boating. Deception Pass State Park is a great place for a family outing.

Among the major attractions of the Puget Sound and Islands Region, are of course the sights of the city of Seattle. Not any tourist, being at this region, will miss visiting the Space Needle, Seattle Downtown, or the remarkable Seattle Waterfront area, full of parks and various objects worth seeing.

Photo from the Snoqualmie Region, Washington State

After driving approximately 25 miles (which will take you half an hour) from Seattle, you will reach the city of Snoqualmie, which, together with the surrounding territory, forms the Snoqualmie Region. The varied terrain of the Snoqualmie Region has been always attracting millions of tourists every year by its natural wonders and recreation opportunities. Snoqualmie Pass with numerous mountain chalets, ski resorts, miles of trails available for the hikers and climbers, offering snowmobiling and paragliding as some of its recreation possibilities; fascinating Snoqualmie Falls, which are not just one of the natural features of the region, but also an important spiritual and cultural place, enveloped by many legends and believes; thousands of acres of wilderness territories full of diverse animal and plant life – these are the main appeals of the Snoqualmie Region.

Photo from the Eastern Washington Region

The Eastern Washington Region is a completely different experience than the western part of the state its central mountain part. The southeastern part of Washington State occupied by Columbia Plateau is considered to be the driest part of the state, but this fact doesn’t prevent this part of the Eastern Region to be the richest farmland in Washington State. Using a good irrigation system, the farmers of this area became one of the main producers of fruits, corn, wheat and other crops

The Southeast Washington is also well-known for its wine growing. Having a lot of wineries, vineyards and cellars available for visiting, this territory is popular for “wine tourism”. 

The northeastern part of the state is mostly occupied by the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Ranching and mining are the main occupations of this area.

Eastern Washington has a lot of scenic places and famous attractions. Among one of the most beautiful areas is the Palouse area with the Palouse Falls State Park, famous for its amazing Palouse Falls – a 200 high waterfall on Palouse River. The park is well-known not only for its spectacular views, but also for its remarkable geological prominence.

Spokane city, located on the border with Idaho State, is also a must-visit place of the Eastern Washington Region. A beautiful city is full of parks and gardens, among which are Nishinomiya Japanese Garden, Manito Park and Riverfront Park. The best time to visit this city is spring, when it is decorated with trees and flowers in blossom.

Each region of Washington State is unique and full of natural wonders, scenic views and various places of interest. Each of them is worthy not only of a visit, but of a thorough exploration. 

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