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Ferry County Attractions

Parent Category: Washington Counties
Created: 22 April 2014

Population: 7,646

Area: 2,257  square miles

County Seat: Republic


Ferry County was created out of Stevens County in 1899. It borders with British Columbia on the north, with Lincoln County on the southwest, with Okanogan County on the west and with Stevens County on the east. The territory of the county is 2,257 square miles, the population is 7, 646 people. County Seat is Republic.

The biggest part of the county is occupied by the Colville National Forest and the Colville Indian Reservation. Historically, such industries as gold mining, timber and agriculture played a very important role, but with year their role in the economy of the county had declined significantly. Nowadays, tourism, fishing and hunting help to support the economy of the county.


The first inhabitants of Ferry County were several Indian tribes; Colville tribe was predominating among them. Their fishing and trading center was Kettle Falls on the Columbia River. In 1811, Kettle Falls were reached by the fur trader David Thompson from the North East Company. But he didn’t establish a fur post here. The post was established later, in 1825, by the Hudson’s Bay Company. They built Fort Colville on the eastern bank of the Columbia River. It should be said that Indian tribes had a developed network of trading between tribes and they became engaged in fur trading as well.

Nowadays, Ferry County, as well as many years ago, remains a perfect place for hunting and fishing. Untouched scenic beauty also attracts thousands of tourists every year, and opportunities for winter sport also increase tourist level greatly.


Republic is the largest city and the county seat of Ferry County. The population of the town is about 1 thousand people. This town was founded by gold prospectors. Originally, the town was named Eureka, but there was already a town with such a name in Clark County, Washington, it was decided to name it Republic in honor of the Great Republic mining claim.

Republic is home for the Stonerose Interpretive Center. It was established here in 1989. Here, everybody who desires can work hand in hand with expert staff members and find and study examples of Eocene plant life. It should be said that people from all over the country, as well as from all over the world come to Republic to visit Stonerose Center.


Ferry County Rail Trail

The Ferry County Rail Trail was used by the Kettle Falls International Railway and goes from the north to the south of the town of Republic, and joins Republic with Danville. This track was abandoned and nowadays is used as a great hiking trail.

This trail is popular among hikers, cyclists, cross-country skiers, etc. The entire twenty eight miles of the trail offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy the beauty of this area.

It should be also said that the trail takes you along scenic nature of Curlew Lake and the Kettle River.

Curlew Lake State Park

Curlew Lake State Park is a 127-acre park with untouched nature and grassy hills. It is located 10 miles north from the county seat Republic and offers great opportunities for camping.

There are 82 campsites located on the territory of the park, as well as there is a lines-free boat launch. Curlew Lake State Park opens wonderful and stunning views of the lake and meadows. Boating, fishing and swimming is not prohibited here. Enjoy it! By the way, night fishing is offered here as well.

Curlew Lake is home for a great number of species. Keep an eye on the sky and enjoy bald eagles falcons and hawks. Watch for ducks and geese near the waters of the lake.

Eagle Track Raceway

This is an interesting experience that should not be missed in this county. The race is hosted by Eagle Track Raceway Association on Pendry Road, half a mile south of the town of Republic. Race car owners can participate in this race, but be sure to contact Eagle Track Raceway Association for rules and more details.

Classes of the race include Modified, Street Stock, and Fever Four (Fever-4). Enjoy this 3/8-mile dirty car racing.

Be sure to bring your water and also keep in mind that it is recommended to watch the race from a car of tailgate.

Information: Marina Petrova

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