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The city of Seattle

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Created: 03 March 2015

Photo from SeattlePopulation: 652,405

Area: 142.5 square miles

Nicknames: The Emerald City / The Jet City


The Seattle area is a fabulous place for both tourists and residents. It is considered to be a top destination in the Pacific Northwest.
The city of Seattle is a coastal seaport city and one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region, which is located just over 100 miles from the United States - Canadian border.

Surrounded by mountains, forests and water, Seattle, the land of diversity, offers numerous activities, fabulous views and breathtaking nature.
There are 652,405 residents, and if we talk about the Seattle metropolitan area, there are about 3.6 million people.

Photo from SeattleSeattle is situated on a narrow neck of land between Puget Sound and Lake Washington and is surrounded by two mountain ranges: the Cascades are situated to the east and the Olympics to the west. The city is believed to be built on seven hills as Rome. The mild marine climate promotes abundant vegetation. No wonder, the city is called the “Emerald city”.

The history of the city has started at least 4,000 years before the first European settlement. Native Americans were the first people who inhabited this land. The first Europeans visited the future Washington State in the 18-th century, and the first white permanent settlement New-York Alki (the future Seattle) appeared here thanks to the group of travelers headed by Arthur A.Denny in 1851. The settlement was renamed in honor of a Duwamish Indian leader Sealth.

The city of Seattle is visited by nine million tourists annually and everyone finds something interesting. Tourists agree that city’s superb location make it a natural wonderland for fabulous outdoor recreation. Besides natural resources, Seattle is a place for technology and airplanes development.

The Emerald city is known for numerous park that face its’ scenic waterfront.


Photo from SeattleSpasce Needle

Seattle’s Space Needle is surely can be called the icon of the city. The tower was built in 1962 for the World’s Fair. Its height is 605 feet and at the top of the tower you will find gorgeous views of the city center with famous skyscrapers. On a clear day visitors of the tower will surely enjoy the views of the Olympic Range, Mount Rainier, Lake Union, Elliot Bay and Puget Sound.

The Space Needle is located close to the Seattle Center, a cultural complex that includes Pacific Science Center, Chihuly Grden and Glass, theaters, food-courts and many other things.

Pike Place Market

Photo from SeattlePike Place market is a historic public market that has been working since 1907 and still sells fresh produce, handmade crafts and different kinds of seafood. This market has been called “the soul of Seattle”. When it was opened only eight farmers sold their goods for a great number of people. Nowadays there are more than 200 vendors who sell here, and more than 10 million people visit this place annually. This place is also known for the flying fish. Vendors at Pike Place Fish Market toss fish to one another, this performance attracts crowds of people. An original “Starbucks” coffee shop is a must visit for coffee lovers. The coffee shop is called “original”, but actually it was moved here five years later after its’ opening in 1971, but it still has old, vintage look.

Seattle Aquarium

Photo from SeattleThe Seattle Aquarium is a famous and fabulous place for families. . It is located on Pier 59 along the beautiful Waterfront of Seattle and offers to immerse yourself in an underwater life. Besides promoting marine conservation, the aquarium also conducts different researches on marine life. Here visitors will find six main exhibits such as Window on Washington Waters, Puget Sound Fish and Dome Room, Pacific Coral Reef, Puget Sound Orcas Family Activity Center, Life on the Edge, and Marine Mammals. The main highlight and a must see is the underwater dome that allows visitors to find themselves beneath the waters of Puget Sound, showing the Pacific Northwest marine life.

Museum of Flight

Photo from SeattleThe Museum of Flight is one of the largest air and space museums in the world and it is surely the largest in the West. This wonderful 12-acre museum features more than 85 historic space and aircraft, flight stimulators, educational activities and interactive exhibits, which will be interesting for each visitor. It should be said that the museum is located only in ten minutes from downtown Seattle on Boeing Field.
This museum is a great way to explore the wonders of flight from the primitive glider of the Write brothers to the newest Blackbird spy plane.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Photo from SeattleThe Olympic Sculpture Park in a public park situated in Seattle. It is an unusual 9-acre design creation that consists of sculpture museum and beach. The Olympic Sculpture Park was built on the former industrial fuel storage site which belonged to Unocal, oil and gas corporation. But in 1970s Seattle Art Museum proposed the corporation to transform this ugly site into a green park. This park with its sculptures and Z-shaped platforms is considered to be a new model of an urban park and has numerous paths, loans siting areas from which great views on Mt. Rainier, the city and the water are opened. Olympic Sculpture Park has received a lot of awards for its unusual design, engineering and environmental restoration.

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