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Lincoln County Attractions

Parent Category: Washington Counties
Created: 07 July 2014

Population: 10,301

Area: 2,310 square miles

County Seat: Davenport


Lincoln County is located in the eastern part of the State of Washington. The territory of the county is 2,310 square miles. The climate of Lincoln County makes it perfect for agriculture and recreation. The population of the county is 10,301. Its’ largest city and county seat is Davenport.

 Lincoln County was created out of Whitman County in 1883 and was named in honor of Abraham Lincoln.


The history of Lincoln County has started long before white settlers. This land was popular among Indians, because a well-known Indian Trail extended from east to west. The most popular place of the overnight camping was near nowadays Davenport.

The first white man came here in 1811 and for the next years this territory was well-known among fur traders who often crossed it. It should be also mentioned that Scotch botanist, David Douglas, came here in 1826. After this man the Douglas fir is named.

In 1860s, this land was traversed by miners who headed to Fraser River mines.

But the main industry of the county has become wheat farming. Lincoln County is the second most important producer of wheat in the State of Washington. Wheat was the first and the most important crop that was grown by the pioneer farmers.


Davenport is the county seat and the most beautiful city in Lincoln County. Davenport is known as the gateway to the Lake Roosevelt Recreational Area. The population of the town is about 1700 people.

The town of Davenport was settled in 1880 and in 1882 was named in honor of J.C. Davenport, the resident of the town. Davenport was officially incorporated in 1890. Today, Davenport can boast of its’ recreational possibilities. The greatest advantage of the town is close proximity to the big city of Spokane. Tourists surely enjoy Lake Roosevelt and Fort of Spokane.


Recreation possibilities:

Lake Roosevelt Recreational Area

In 1941, when the Grand Coulee Dam was built on the Columbia River, a 130-mile long lake has been created. This beautiful lake was named in honor of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The recreational area around the lake provides numerous opportunities for wonderful time spending. Visitors enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, camping, canoeing, hunting and visiting historic places such as Fort Spokane and St. Paul's Mission.

Information: Marina Petrova

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