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Snoqualmie Region

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Created: 24 September 2012

The Snoqualmie Region is located around the city of Snoqualmie, which is situated in about 25 miles and a half-hour drive from Seattle. Within such a short time you will have the possibility to enjoy the most beautiful alpine scenery of the Cascades.

This region is best known for Snoqualmie Falls. They attract millions of visitors from around the world. These falls are a 268 feet waterfall that is 100 feet wide, it cascades over granite cliffs and is beautiful all the year round.

For the people, who have lived in the valley for centuries, this waterfall is the most important spiritual and cultural place. Many legends and beliefs are associated with this water. These people believe that the mists rising from the base of the waterfall connect Heaven and Earth.

It should be said that the main views on the waterfall are opened from the side of the fall where a special fence protects the tourists. This is a nice place for a picnic with the family which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the falls.

The Snoqualmie Region is full of hiking and cycling opportunities, there are numerous trails and paths that run through gorgeous alpine meadows, blue lakes and deep forest.

The most popular hike here is the Mt. Si Trail. It is an 8-mile hike that will lead you to the elevation of over 4, 000 feet.

This region is also popular for its numerous wildernesses such as Alpine Lakes Wilderness, the Clearwater Wilderness, etc.

The Alpine Lakes Wilderness received its name from more than 700 mountain clear lakes that can be found among the peaks and forests of the Cascades. The territory of the wilderness is about 394,000 acres with 47 official trailheads and 615 miles of backcountry trails

The Snoqualmie Region has very diverse plant life. Douglas fir, western hemlock, western red cedar, mountain berries, stream meadows, and underbrush can be found here. Some of the largest Douglas fir and western red cedar trees in Washington State are found in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. The eastern part of the territory is represented by ponderosa pine, whitebark pine, Engelmann spruce, alpine larch, and grasslands.

The territory of the region is full of wildlife, as well. Such large animals as black bear, elk, white-tailed deer, mule deer, cougar, and coyote can be found throughout the Snoqualmie region. Small mammals such as bobcat, beaver, otter, badger, wolverine, mink, and weasel are also common for this territory.

It is worth noting that grizzly bears and wolves can be also met here, but their populations are small. Numerous fish species of salmon and trout, including native cutthroat trout, are found in alpine lakes, rivers, and streams in the area.

This territory is full of natural wonders and without any doubts is worth visiting!

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