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Snoqualmie Falls

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Created: 25 March 2014

Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour around Snoqualmie Falls.

Address: 6501 Railroad Ave, Snoqualmie, WA 98024, United States
Hours: From Dawn To Dusk
Phone: 425-985-6906
Official website: http://www.snoqualmiefalls.com/

Photo from Snoqualmie Region, Snoqualmie FallsFeatures:

·    Free parking without permit. There are two parking lots. A new lower level lot has a new launch site for canoes and kayaks.

·    Gift shop

·    Picnic areas (at the park and tables near the covered area). Picnic areas cannot be reserved and barbequing is not allowed at the park.

·    Handicapped Accessible


Snoqualmie Falls is one of the most visited and most popular attractions in Washington State. More than 1.5 million people every year come to enjoy the scenic views. Snoqualmie Falls is a 268 ft. waterfall on Snoqualmie River that is 100 ft. wide, and it cascades over granite cliffs. The fall is surrounded by a two-acre park with a wonderful observation deck. On the territory of the park, guests will also find a nice gift shop and the Salish Lodge.

Photo from Snoqualmie Region, Snoqualmie FallsSnoqualmie in Salish means Moon and for the Snoqualmie tribe, this waterfall is the most important spiritual and cultural place. It also served as a traditional burial site. Many legends and beliefs are associated with this water. These people believe that the mists rising from the base of the waterfall connect Heaven and Earth.

It should be said that the main views on the waterfall are opened from the side of the fall where a special fence protects the tourists. This is a nice place for a picnic with the family which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the falls.
The top of the waterfall is situated in less than 100 yards, from here, Snoqualmie Falls Trail descends 300 feet in 0.5 mile taking its’ visitors through green rain forest and cozy meadows, which attract hikers to step off the trail and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Photo from Snoqualmie Region, Snoqualmie FallsSnoqualmie Falls are located in about 22.9 miles from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.


From Seattle:

Head on I-90 for about 25 miles and take Exit 25 – Snoqualmie City. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left onto Highway 18/SE Snoqualmie PKWY. Continue to drive for 4 miles and turn left onto Railroad Ave SE/WA-202. In about half a mile you will find one of the parking lots.


These pictures were taken on March 18, 2013


Just take a look at the powerful Snoqualmie Falls after the rain during the wintertime. No matter the weather it's spectacular! 



These pictures were taken on January 30, 2018



In order to get directions, click on the map below

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Pavlo Petryshyn

Information: Marina Petrova

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