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Stevens County Attractions

Parent Category: Washington Counties
Created: 03 December 2014

Population:  43,430

Area:  2,541 square miles

County Seat: Colville


Stevens County was created in 1863 and was named after the Washington’s first territorial governor, Isaac Stevens. The territory of the county is 2.541 square miles and the population is 43.430. Stevens County gets 20 inches of rain and 44 inches of snow per year. On average, there are 174 sunny days per year in the county. The climate is mild and comfortable.


The territory of nowadays Stevens County was originally home for the Kettle and Colville Native Americans, Lake and Spokane tribes. It is believed that the Lakes and the Colvilles lived in the northern part of the county; the Spokane tribe occupied the territories along the Spokane River in the south. All of the tribes spoke variations of the Salish language.

The first European community in Fort Colville was founded by the Hudson’s Bay Company. White people were attracted to this settlement near Kettle Falls because of mineral riches. It should be said that Stevens County was one of the biggest producers of copper and silver in the country.


Colville is the county seat of Stevens County. Its’ population is 4.668 people. This town is located in the Colville River Valley. Here you will find nice homes in Victorian and modern styles, clean streets and different recreational opportunities. The town of Colville has a slogan: “City of Proud Heritage”. Main industries in the town are timber, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing.


49° North Mountain Resort

49° North Mountain Resort is a wonderful ski resort, which is located within Colville National Forest. The base of the resort is found at an elevation of 3,923 feet and the summit, on Chewelah Mountain, at 5,774 feet. 49° North Mountain Resort was opened in 1972. The ski area is open from approximately November through April, if snow conditions permitting. The resort offers numerous recreational opportunities all the year round.

Colville National Forest

The Colville National Forest has 1.1 million acres of deep forest that is open for your exploration and enjoyment. Hundreds of miles of hiking trails through the forest, wonderfully maintained and developed campgrounds, climbing opportunities, abundant possibilities for winter recreation…Colville National Forest is also known as a top destination for fishing and hunting and is very popular among hunters and anglers.

Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge

The Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge is a 42,594-acre refuge that is located in the eastern part of Stevens County and the western part of Pend Oreille County. The refuge is located along the west slope of the Selkirk Mountain Range and is home for moose, white-tailed deer, elk, black bear, bald eagles and different kinds of song birds.

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area

Lake Roosevelt is also known as a jewel of the Northeast Washington. It is a 130-mile long lake that was created after the construction the Grand Coulee Dam. Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area offers great possibilities for water recreation: boating, fishing, swimming, canoeing, and camping. Visitors may also visit historical places like Fort Spokane and St. Paul’s Mission.

Information: Marina Petrova

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