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West Fork Foss Lakes Trail

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Created: 28 August 2014
Location: Central Cascades, Skykomish River Valley
Roundtrip of the trail: 13 miles
Elevation Gain: 3700 ft
Highest Point: 4900 ft
GPS Coordinates: 47°38'05.6"N 121°18'13.0"W
Additional Info: Northwest Forest Pass Required

Photo from Central Cascades, Skykomish River Valley, West Fork Foss Lakes Trail,  Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour to the beautiful lakes. Enjoy scenic views and gorgeous nature!!!


Photo from Central Cascades, Skykomish River Valley, West Fork Foss Lakes Trail,

Five very beautiful lakes, which are named West Fork Foss Lakes, are located in a very picturesque Skykomish River Valley. All five lakes can be hiked within one day, but be prepared for a hard day or every lake can be visited separately.

On the trail hikers will enjoy rugged basins, stunning meadows and gorgeous views of the lakes and mountains.

From the trailhead, the West Fork Foss Lakes Trail takes you into a green forest of alders, underbrush and hemlocks. At about 0.5 mile, hikers cross a bridge over the canyon that was carved by the flood of 2006. Continue climbing for another mile to Trout Lake.

Photo from Central Cascades, Skykomish River Valley, West Fork Foss Lakes Trail,

Trout Lake is the first one on the way and it introduces hikers to the beauty that are on their way. There are lots of campsites, situated around the lake, that offer great possibilities for recreation and fishing. Experts recommend hiking to Trout Lake with kids. The path from here becomes steeper and rockier.

The next part of the hike is full of wonderful and spectacular waterfalls, which are created by cliffs and drop-offs. All these waterfalls have the name of Waterfalls of the West Fork River Valley.  Continue to enjoy the beauty and come to a junction to Malachi Lake, pass it and follow the path that leads you over a bridge. As soon as you cross it, you will be very close to Copper Lake.

There are not so many camp sites as at Trout Lake. Copper Lake is a great destination for those hikers who will choose a day hike.

Photo from Central Cascades, Skykomish River Valley, West Fork Foss Lakes Trail,

For those who choose to continue, follow the trail that goes along the lake and takes you to the end of Copper Lake. From the lake the path climbs for another mile up and takes you to Little Heart Lake. But the main attraction and beauty is waiting for you in a mile and a half of climbing from Little Heart Lake, though the part of the trail from Little Heart Lake to Big Heart Lake is considered to be the most difficult and challenging. The path runs through rocky cliffs and crosses over the bridge, and then it starts to go down to the lakeshore. In several steps, Big Heart Lake is in front of you. It is very beautiful and sparkling. Stop here to enjoy the views.


From Skykomish

Go east on Stevens Pass Highway - US-2 for almost 2 miles to Foss Road. Turn south onto Foss River Road - Forest Service road 68. Continue on this road for approximately 4.7 miles. Turn left onto Forest Service road 6835 and continue 2.0 miles to the trailhead.

These pictures were taken on July 26, 2014

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Photo: Jason Conger

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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