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State Route 97A and Stayman Flats Road Near Chelan Lake

Parent Category: Chelan County
Created: 17 March 2014

Photo from 97a Stayman flats road Columbia river near Chelan lake 04The video and the pictures will take you on a virtual drive along this road.

These beautiful roads are part of the North Cascades Loop, a 440-mile of roads in the State of Washington. This drive is very beautiful; it shows wonderful mountains, picturesque river valleys, and breathtaking views of the lakes.

Photo from 97 A road 01

This drive offers great views of Lake Chelan. It is one of the most famous recreation areas in this region. Lake Chelan is a deep and long lake, its length is 55 miles. The part of the lake near the town of Manson is dedicated to water recreation. 

It should be said that fishermen just love this lake, because it offers various opportunities for them. Lake trout, silver salmon, Chinook salmon, rainbow trout – all of them can be caught here.

From Chelan Lake, the road runs along the Columbia River, the most important and great river of this Northwest region.

Wonderful drive, spectacular views, well-maintained roads…your trip through this region will be unforgettable.

97A, Stayman Flats road, Columbia river, near Chelan lake from Beautiful Washington

The pictures were taken on February 27, 2014


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Photo: Roma Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Pavlo Petryshyn

Information: Marina Petrova

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