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Beezley Hills Trail

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Created: 02 June 2015
Location: Eastern Washington
Roundtrip: 3 miles
Elevation Gain: 400 ft
Highest Point: 1750 ft
GPS Coordinates: N 47 19.458 W 119 46.853
Visitor’s Information:

Discover Pass Required

Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour through the fabulous shrub-steppe scenery!

Photo from Washington State, Eastern Washington
General Information:

The Beezley Hills rise between Frenchman Gap and Moses Coulee, and these hills are part of the geological formation that is called the Yakima Fold Belt.

It should be also noted that the highest point in the Beezley Hills is monument Hill with an elevation of 2,882 feet.
In 2012, 20 miles of trails were open here in the Beezley Hills Recreation Area.

Photo from Washington State, Eastern Washington

The Beezley Hills Preserve is a part of a wonderful shrub-steppe ecosystem; it receives 10-15 inches of rain annually and is home for many arid climate species.

The preserve protects a great number of animals and plants, wonderful displays of wild flowers can be found along the way. Just open your eyes and enjoy the scenery.

Photo from Washington State, Eastern Washington

From the very beginning the trail takes it’s hikers along the old jeep road through the most beautiful scenery. Late in April and early in May, you will enjoy hedgehog cactus, balsamroot, daggerpod, phlox and etc.

Photo from Washington State, Eastern Washington

These three miles open fabulous hiking opportunities for families with kids and for those who love Eastern Washington scenery, its natural wonders and serenity.

These pictures were taken in April, 2015


From I-90

Take exit 149 for George. Turn left and drive north on State Route 281 to Quincy. Turn right onto SR 28 toward Ephrata. Drive 0.8 mile and turn left onto P-NW Road (Monument Road). Drive up P-NW Road for 3.1 miles, to where it turns to gravel. At 7.1 miles from SR 28, look for the entry through the fence at a gate marked "Nature Preserve--Foot Travel Only".

GPS Coordinates: N 47 19.458 W 119 46.853

In order to get directions click on the map below:

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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