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Washington Counties

Grand View Park 09
Parent Category: Issaquah
Created: 30 March 2014

Grand View Park is one of the numerous park in the City of Issaquah.This is a wonderful family-friendly park, it is located in the northern part of Issaquah Highlands. Grand View Park offers visitors to enjoy well-maintained paths and gorgeous views of Mount Baker and other mountains from the Cascade Mountain Range.

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Parent Category: Issaquah
Created: 20 November 2013

Tibbetts Valley Park is a wonderful and multifunctional 30-acre park with athletic fields, tennis courts, basketball court and a children's playground.

One may find here five athletic fields, a basketball court...

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Central Park 14
Parent Category: Issaquah
Created: 28 March 2014

Central Park is the largest City of Issaquah park, which offers wonderful recreation opportunities for everybody. The park is located within the Issaquah Highlands Development. Central Park in Issaquah has numerous active recreational facilities both for children and athletes.

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Lake Boren Park 01
Parent Category: Newcastle
Created: 02 January 2014

Lake Boren Park is a popular community park that is situated near the Coal Creek Parkway. It is a park that gives the opportunity for family recreation, quiet and pleasant retreat near the lake.

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Saint Edward State Park 01
Parent Category: Kenmoore
Created: 08 January 2014

Saint Edward State Park is a 316-acre park which is situated on Lake Washington. The park can bost the longest stretch of undeveloped freshwater shoreline of the lake with miles of trails that are great for biking, walking and hiking.

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Newcastle Beach Park 13
Parent Category: Bellevue
Created: 22 July 2014

Newcastle Beach Park is the largest beach park in Bellevue, which is located on Lake Washington. The park offers views of Seattle as well as it features the view of Interstate 90. This park is not big, but it offers numerous recreational opportunities for different groups of people and families.

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Lakemont Park 35
Parent Category: Bellevue
Created: 27 January 2014

Lakemont Community Park offers great number of opportunities for recreation. It is a kid-friendly park with lots of possibilities of play. Children will surely enjoy the equipment of the playground which is suitable for the kids of different ages.

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