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Palouse fields

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Created: 04 February 2014

Pictures below will help you to take a virtual tour around Palouse! 

Enjoy it!

The Palouse is a region situated in Southeastern Washington; this is the magnificent region of rolling hills. The Palouse is one of the richest agricultural areas in the country and it is also one of the biggest wheat and lentil growing areas in the whole world.

This unique region is characterized by beautiful hills, small towns, old barns and flour mills.

Palouse territory is very popular among the photographers and those who love scenic driving. This area is beautiful all the year round. The palette of colors is different but beautiful during each season.

The colors of the Palouse hills depend on the different weather conditions and on the kind of the crops that grow here. 

The Palouse region is not a large area, but it opens great opportunities before photographers.

In spring drivers will enjoy green color of the hills, and later this green becomes richer and darker.

Summer is the time for drivers and photographers to enjoy yellow color of canola. The middle and the end of June are characterized by the rows of swatted grass that is drying in the sun.

As everyone knows, fall is the harvest time, so photographers will surely be able to shoot the pictures of tractors, combines and farm trucks.

Winter season is different every year, but most of the time drivers will see a good amount of snow here, fog and mist is common for this region, especially near water.

The Palouse region has not only great views for photographers, but also very interesting historic sights.

First of all, tourists are recommended to visit the Dahmen Barn, which is situated in the little community of Uniontown.

This barn is also an interesting place for photographers as it is surrounded by a fence which is made of old wheels. The owner has been building this fence over thirty years using wheels from farm equipment, machines, wagons, etc. Now you can find here more than 1000 of wheels and each of them can tell you its’ story.

Nowadays this barn is home for local artists.

Here at the shop tourists will find local pottery, paintings, photos, jewelry, etc. Everything in this shop is made by local artists.

Try to plan your trip to this barn on a Friday or Saturday, because on these days you will be able to try different kinds of breads produced by Sage Baking Company. This bread has the real taste of this wheat region.

The next thing you need to do in this region is to take State Route 27, which will take you to the small town of Palouse. This drive is very beautiful and it is also called the Palouse Scenic Byway.

This road offers you an opportunity to enjoy the colors of the fields and take gorgeous pictures.

The town of Palouse is home for an interesting Printing Museum, a gallery, several restaurants, an antique shop, etc.

The next stop for you on this scenic drive should be Steptoe Butte. It is a massive rock formation looming over the farming region. Steptoe Butte is a part of Steptoe Butte State Park. It should be said that you may jangle your nerves if you decide to drive to the 3,612-foot summit. The road is really narrow and winds round and round, but at the top, I’m sure, you’ll enjoy this breathtaking panorama of green and yellow hills, blue sky and small towns. 

Visit this region and enjoy the real beauty of nature!

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