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Ruby Beach

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Created: 01 July 2014
Location: Olympic National Park
Roundtrip: 6 miles
Features: Coast
Information: Good for kids
Dogs allowed on leash
GPS Coordinates: 47°42′39″N 124°24′56″W

Photo from Olympic Peninsula, Olympic National Park, Ruby CoastPictures below will take you on a virtual tour along the shoreline! The photos will help you to imagine this perfect hike and to get more information!

Ruby Beach is located in the Olympic Peninsula on the south side of the Olympic National Park. The Olympic Peninsula is the land of diversity. On the west it borders with the Pacific Ocean, on the east with the Hood Canal and on the north with the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and at the same time it is home for majestic Olympic Mountains.

Photo from Olympic Peninsula, Olympic National Park, Ruby Coast

The Olympic National Park is a great place to visit with its sunny beaches, green rain forests, snow-capped mountains and a great variety of flora and fauna. The main characteristic of the park is wilderness, though many roads and trails will provide access to the most visited places.

Ruby Beach is one of the must-see places in the park, it is located in Jefferson County about 27 miles from the town of Forks. It should be said that the beach got its’ name thanks to the pink sand, which got its color from the small particles of garnet it is made of.

Photo from Olympic Peninsula, Olympic National Park, Ruby Coast

The shoreline of Ruby Beach is perfect and offers great views of rain forests, mountains, glaciers and wilderness. It should be mentioned that there are several opportunities for hiking here, you can go south to Beach #6 or choose a 3-mile walk to the mouth of the Hoh River. Both of the options provide stunning views. The second option is also one of the best places to fish salmon and enjoy bald eagles.

This area was called a beach, but keep in mind that it is not suitable for swimming and camping is not allowed here. Here you will find piles of driftwood that have been thrown on the shore by waves and storm. It’s even difficult to imagine the power of the water and the strength of the wind!

Photo from Olympic Peninsula, Olympic National Park, Ruby Coast

Ruby Beach can not be considered a place for crowds, though during summer weekends you can meet them. But mostly, if hikers are looking for a quiet place, Ruby Beach is perfect for exploration.

While hiking along the beach, visitors may encounter cliff caves that are open for exploration. Nowadays, birds love these rocks and choose them for living.

Ruby Beach is one of the most popular places among photographers, because this beach and the park as well provide stunning views and breathtaking settings. Sunset here is not only perfect, it’s beyond the imagination. Photographers and hikers enjoy it for hours. At the same time Ruby Beach is also known as the best place for romantic atmosphere.


From Fork

Drive on Highway 101; Turn right on a sigh “Ruby Beach”. A short road leads to a parking lot and the trailhead.

Ruby Beach Nature Relaxation Video in 4K

These pictures were taken on June 10, 2014

These pictures were taken on February 23, 2017

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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Pavlo Petryshyn, Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Marina Petrova

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