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Unforgettable Sunset at Ozette Triangle Trail

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Created: 16 January 2016
Location: Northwestern coast of the Olympic Peninsula
Roundtrip:  9,2 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 100 feet
Highest Point: 350 feet
GPS Coordinates: N 48 9.219 W -125 19.882
Visitor’s Information:

Discover Pass Required

Pictures below will take you along a lovely trail to a scenic Pacific coastline. Enjoy the beauty of coastal scenery!

Photo from Ozette Triangle Trail, Olympic Peninsula
General Information:

The Olympic Peninsula is one of the most interesting and diverse parts of Washington State. Millions of tourists visit it throughout the year, attracted by a wide range of attractions, natural wonders and recreation resources the Olympic Peninsula is offering to its residents and visitors. A special place among the diversity of the Olympic Peninsula landscape takes its western part adjoining the Pacific Ocean. 

One of the best ways to enjoy the whole beauty and variety of the coastal part of the Olympic Peninsula is to hike the Ozette Triangle Trail. This trail, which is also called the Ozette Loop, is a great combination of the forest hike and an easy amble along the beach. It actually consists of three trails: the Cape Alava Trail (3,1 miles long) and the Sand Point Trail (3,0 miles long) which are two boardwalk trails leading to the coast through the dense forest, and the coastal trail, connecting these two trails. Being quite easy, the Ozette Triangle Trail is perfect for a family hike and is suitable for the hikers of all levels. One more advantage of this trail is that it is available during the whole year round. But keep in mind, that in winter the boardwalk may become icy and thus – extremely slippery. The same slippery the boardwalk may become after the rains, which are plentiful at this area.

Photo from Ozette Triangle Trail, Olympic Peninsula

The hike starts near the Ozette Ranger Station. After crossing a lovely Ozette River on an arched wooden bridge the trail will take you to the old growth rainforest of cedar and spruce. Very soon (in approximately 0,25 mile), you will come to the trail junction. Taking the left trail you will get to Sand Point, while hiking the right trail you will reach Cape Alava. The Cape Alava Trail is more often used to get to the beach, and usually the hikers are going back to the Ranger Station by the Sand Point Trail.

Further the boardwalk, meandering through the dense understorey of ferns, salal and other evergreen plants, will take you to the open marsh area, covered by grass, which is called Ahlstrom’s Prairie. In 1902, a Swedish immigrant Lars Ahlstrom built a farm here, breeding sheep and cattle and trying to work the land. None of the buildings of his farm are left right now.

Photo from Ozette Triangle Trail, Olympic Peninsula

After passing the Ahlstrom’s Prairie the trail enters again the forest, the views of which are somewhat monotonous, but nevertheless lovely. From this point you may feel the first cues of the ocean being close – you will be able to hear the ocean roar and feel the smell of it, brought by the light wind. A little bit further and you will see the first glimpse of the ocean and the trail will go down a small hill to the beach. 

Amazing views of the ocean include Tskawahyah Island, located not far away from this point. It’s actually a huge sea stack, the top of which is garnished by trees. If you are hiking the trail during the low tide period, you will be able to walk to the island, which is considered to be the westernmost point of the US (its continental part). 

Photo from Ozette Triangle Trail, Olympic Peninsula

Walking south along the beach you will pass the Wedding Rocks, which comprise the ancient petroglyphs made by Makah people centuries ago. This place has also one of the best ocean views of this coast trail, as well as a couple of campsites which will provide you with solitude and a sandy beach.

This part of the coast is full of wildlife. If you are lucky you will see a harbor seal or a sea lion, resting lazily on one of the rocks, or a beautiful bald eagle, soaring in the sky.

Photo from Ozette Triangle Trail, Olympic Peninsula

Continue strolling along the gorgeous coastline until you reach Sand Point. This place has beautiful beaches, loved by many tourists. From here you have two options – to continue exploring the Sand Point beaches moving further to the south, or to finish the Ozette Loop by taking the Sand Point boardwalk, leading back to the Ozette Ranger Station.

Mind that for camping at this area you need to receive a permit from the Olympic National Park. 


These pictures were taken in February, 2015

Driving Directions:

You can get there by Hoko-Ozette Road off Highway 112.

GPS Coordinates:  N 48 9.219 W -125 19.882

In order to get directions click on the map below:




Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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