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Quinault Loop Trail (#854)

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Created: 27 February 2017
Location: Olympic Peninsula Region
Roundtrip: 4 miles 
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 500 feet
GPS Coordinates: N  47 27.623   W  123 51.651
Visitor’s Information:

Northwest Forest Pass Required

Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour through the admirable temperate rain forest located at the Olympic Peninsula. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape!

 Photo taken at the Quinault Loop Trail, Olympic Peninsula Region
General Information:

Most people start getting acquainted with the amazing nature and fascinating rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula from the splendid Hoh Rain Forest. But if you prefer hiking in solitude, without sharing the trail with crowds of tourists, the Quinault Lodge area, located at the southern shore of a beautiful Lake Quinault, is just for you. 

Quinault Loop Trail, taking it’s beginning from the Quinault Rain Forest Trailhead, will take you to an astonishing 4 miles trip around the area, revealing admirable views of Lake Quinault, as well as taking you through the magnificent temperate rainforest spread over the Olympic Peninsula.

Photo taken at the Quinault Loop Trail, Olympic Peninsula Region

Starting from the trailhead you will reach the first trail-junction at approximately 0,2 miles. This is where you should turn left as turning right you will find yourself at a short interpretive trail – Rain Forest Nature Trail Loop (#855). After turning left you will need to walk under an automobile bridge first, and then quite soon you will cross a small wooden bridge over the Willaby Creek. Enjoy spectacular views during your hike along the lakeshore for approximately one mile (first, you will pass the Willaby Campground, and then continue your walk to the Quinault Lodge). This section of the trail parallels the South Shore Road

Photo taken at the Quinault Loop Trail, Olympic Peninsula Region

At the junction with the Quinault Lodge Trail (which turns right) you should proceed straight until reaching the Falls Creek Campground. This is where you should take the right turn, cross the S Shore Road and continue strolling along your loop trail, keeping right at the confluence with the trail running to the Gatton Creek. In approximately half a mile you will come to the second confluence with the Quinault Lodge Trail, this time follow the left fork. 

Take a great enjoyment in your walk through a beautiful dense forest of old-growth conifers towering high above the trail. After passing a Cedar Bog, you will see the next trail-junction (this time with Willaby Creek Trail), where you should keep rightwards to finish your loop in about 1,1 mile. 

Photo taken at the Quinault Loop Trail, Olympic Peninsula Region

During the hike, the beautiful forest you will pass through, with its Sitka spruce trees, western hemlocks and red cedars growing so high as if trying to reach to the stars, with their trunks and lower limbs covered by moss, will remind you the beautiful Hoh Rain Forest and create a sensation of hiking one of its amazing trails.


These pictures were taken on February 1 - 9, 2017

Driving Directions:

Traveling from Aberdeen, WA you need to drive north on US Hwy 101 for approximately 45 miles until the junction with South Shore Road. At the junction you should take a right turn (go eastward) and drive 1.4 miles more till you reach the Quinault Rain Forest Trailhead which will be located on the right side of South Shore Road.

GPS Coordinates:  N  47 27.623   W  123 51.651

In order to get directions click on the map below:



Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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