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Riverside State Park

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Created: 04 July 2017

 Photo taken at Riverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher Area, Washington State

 Location:   Spokane County

 Riverside State Park:
 9711 W. Charles Road,
 Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026

 Bowl and Pitcher Area:
 4427 N Aubrey L White Pkwy,
 Spokane, WA 99205

 Phone:   (509) 465-5064
 Hours:   Summer (middle of April – end of September): 6:30 am – dusk
 Winter (October – middle of April): 8 am – dusk
 Acreage:   14,000
 Visitor’s Information:   Discover Pass is needed

Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour through a fantastic Riverside State Park. Enjoy the beauty of our beloved Washington State!

Photo taken at Riverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher Area, Washington State


Riverside State Park is one of the most amazing places of Washington State. Stretching over the territory of almost 14,000 acres alongshore of two beautiful rivers – Spokane River, and its tributary – Little Spokane River, this park fairly gained the rank of the biggest State Park of Washington State. 

This state park came into existence in the year 1933, when the members of the local community donated some lands to Washington State in an attempt to preserve the territories along Spokane River. This first created part of the park is now known as Bowl and Pitcher Area, and is one of the most attractive for the tourists and most visited parts of the park nowadays. Throughout the years the territory of Riverside State Park was expanding, with the last section being added in 2001 (now known as Edburg and Bass Conservation Area). 

Photo taken at Riverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher Area, Washington State

Nowadays Riverside State Park is so much well-known and beloved by people not only by the beauty of its nature, variety of plant and animal species, but also by the number of recreation options it offers to its visitors. Any, even the most demanding, guest of the park will be satisfied with the diversity of the pastime opportunities offered here. The only thing you will lack here is time to explore everything that is why you will come back to this incredible park again and again. 

Among the various activities and amenities the Riverside State Park may offer the following:

• For campers: for those who are fond of spending the night surrounded by nature, Riverside State Park offers 4 campgrounds:

- Campground at the Nine Mile Recreation Area 

- Bowl and Pitcher Campground (the sites at these two campgrounds may be reserved online or by phone (888-226-7688)

- Lake Spokane Campground

- Equestrian Campground (offers 10 campsites equipped with the corrals).

 Photo taken at Riverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher Area, Washington State

• For visitors enjoying water activities: located at the banks of two bid rivers, the Riverside State Park possesses the shoreline of approximately 200 000 feet long, which in its turn opens great opportunities for people who prefer spending their weekends/vacation near water. Among others the following activities are available here:

- swimming;

- water-skiing;

- fishing;

- boating;

- kayaking, canoeing and rafting;

- there are 120 feet of docks and three boat ramps available at the park territory.


• For equestrians:

- about 25 miles of designated trails;

- equestrian campground;

- obstacle course.


• For hikers and bike-racers:

- nearly 40 miles of Centennial Trail running through the park

- 55 miles of trails;

- a one-mile ADA-accessible trail.

Photo taken at Riverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher Area, Washington State 

• For winter-time adventurers: in winter this park is as much attractive for the visitors as during other seasons, offering them snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling as winter-activities, together with the pleasure to admire the stringly-beautiful winter nature of this area.


• Among other recreational opportunities are the following:

- bird watching;

- about 600 acres of special territory (off-road vehicles’ area) designated for all-terrain vehicles and dirt-bikes;

- 3 fire circles;

- various interpretive opportunities;

- museum;

- possibilities for crock climbing;

- 2 kitchen shelters (without electricity);

- picnic tables (10 – sheltered and 122 – unsheltered);

- 1 kitchen shelter with electricity (available for reservation) at Bowl and Pitcher Area and 2 kitchen shalters also with electricity (first come-first served) at Nine Mile Recreation Area;

- wildlife viewing.

 Photo taken at Riverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher Area, Washington State

Bowl and Pitcher Area is the most heavily visited part of the park, because of its geological significance and unusually beautiful landscapes. But coming here once you will understand that this amazing park is just mesmerizing you, making to come back here again and again, opening for yourself the huge amount of new picturesque corners of the park and enjoying the plentiful amount of the activities it offers.


These pictures were taken on May 18, 2017

GPS Coordinates: N 47 41.775 W 117 29.746 

In order to get directions click on the map below:


Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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