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Takhlakh Lake Loop Trail

Parent Category: Hiking
Created: 20 November 2013
Length: 2.6 miles
Difficulty: 1/5
Rating: 3/5
Who are allowed: Hikers, Dogs
Best time to visit: May-November
What do you need: A federal Northwest Forest Pass is required to park here

Green Trails: #334 Blue Lake USGS: Green Mountain

Driving Directions: From Randle, drive 1 mile south on Forest Road 25 and then turn left (east) onto FR 23.
Continue 32 miles to a junction with FR 2329.
Turn left and drive east about a mile to the Takhlakh Lake Campground.
GPS Coordinates: 46° 17' 37.86'' N
121° 35' 40.1'' W
Contact Information: Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Mt. Adams Ranger District
2455 Hwy 141
Trout Lake, WA 98650
Tel: 509.395.3400
TTY: 360.891.5003

This is a short loop trail without any barriers that goes along Takhlakh Lake. It gives the opportunity to the hikers to enjoy the magnificence of Mt. Adams. The Takhlakh Lake Loop Trail has its beginning near the campground and after a half mile it meets with another barrier-free TakhTakh Meadows Trail, forming a figure 8. Both of the trails are great for families with kids and for those who prefer easy hiking.

The Takhlakh Loop Trail is wheelchair-accessible, but check with the Forest Service for current surface conditions; the TakhTakh Meadow trail is foot only.

The Takhlakh Loop Trail is pretty wide and well-graded; it encircles this magnificent, scenic and popular lake, giving more and more opportunities to enjoy the views of Mt. Adams. It should be mentioned that only electric-motor or people-powered boats are allowed on the lake.

In order to start your journey pick the widest path and stay close to the lake, enjoying its beauty. On your way pay attention to the beautiful huckleberry and bear grass. 

After about 0.3 miles you will see a beautiful meadow. If you want to come up closer to the lake, you need to take a trail that turns left. The widest path takes you away from the lake into the woods and crosses Road 2329, entering a beautiful meadow, which is rich with wildflowers. And now the trail climbs up into the edge of the TakhTakh Lava Flow from Mt. Adams.

TakhTakh Lava Flow is the youngest lava flow that surrounds Mt. Adams. This 10-mile lava flow is about 3,000 years old. The TakhTakh Lava Flow is the youngest from the eruptions of a potentially activestratovolcanoMt.Adams. If you look up, you will see massive piles of broken float stones rising 125 ft. over the ground.

At the end of the lava flow the trail goes back down to the trail junction near the lake. From th8s point there are two possibilities: you can either hike back for about 0.5 mile, or you can turn right and hike along the other side of the lake.

But before going to the car, make a pause and enjoy the reflection of the most gorgeous Mt. Adams that is reflecting in the waters of the lake. You will never forget this picturesque view.

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