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Eightmile Lake Trail, Autumn

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Created: 10 November 2015
Location: Central Cascades Region, Leavenworth Area
Roundtrip: 6.6 miles
Elevation Gain: 1300  feet
Highest Point: 4650   feet
GPS Coordinates: N 47 32.164 W 120 48.835
Visitor’s Information:

Northwest Forest Pass is required for parking at the trailhead as well as a self-issuing day use pass.

Permits for overnight use by reservation from June through October are required.

Pictures below will show you an autumn hike along this amazing trail. Enjoy the scenery!

 Photo of the Eightmile Lake Trail, Central Cascades, taken in autumn
General Information:

Eightmile Lake is one of the most admirable and well-known natural features of the marvelous Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area. It’s quite hard to describe with words a magnificent lake, encircled by gorgeous mountains with snow-covered peaks, and quite few photos are able to capture all the beauty of this fantastic place. Therefore we think that the best way to appreciate it is to personally experience this natural wonder.

Photo of the Eightmile Lake Trail, Central Cascades, taken in autumn

A picturesque, almost 7 miles long (roundtrip) Eightmile Lake Trail will lead you to the Eightmile lake. This moderate trail is extremely popular in Leavenworth area among the hikers, because of being really spectacular and because of a great payoff waiting for a hiker at the end of the trail. But unfortunately, such popularity of the trail, especially in summer month, will deprive you of some solitude during the hike.

It is quite easy to find the trailhead as it is located opposite the parking area. At the trailhead you’ll find a bulletin board with some information on the Eightmile Lake Trail, Alpine Lake Wilderness Area as well as some restrictions valid in the area.

At the beginning of the hike the trail ascends shortly quite a steep hill, making the climb quite strenuous. But this is the only hard part of the trail as further it flattens out and you will almost not feel the mild climb of 1300 feet elevation gain as it will be more or less evenly spread along the whole 3,3 miles trail.

 Photo of the Eightmile Lake Trail, Central Cascades, taken in autumn

If you are the same lucky as we were to hike the Eightmile Lake Trail in autumn, you will see the advantages of autumn hike from the first steps. Though, of course, the trail itself may often be muddy in autumn, but the views you will see are really well worth it. The mixture of bright greenery of pines and cedars and gentle gold of broadleaved trees, the rustle of the multicolored blanket of leaves under your feet… All these will leave you with unforgettable memories. And this is not to mention the fantastic photos the nature will provide you with.

Following the trail you will have a chance to admire stunning views of Colchuck peak and Dragontail peak. In about a half a mile the Eightmile Lake Trail merges with an old logging road, following it for awhile, and half a mile further it crosses the log bridge over the Pioneer Creek and enters the forested area. Most part of the forest along the trail suffered in a great forest fire in 1994. The area is recovering now and some new young trees are growing there creating a great contrast between the yellow colors of their colored by autumn leaves, the greenery of pines and cedars and charred wood left by the fire along the trail.

Photo of the Eightmile Lake Trail, Central Cascades, taken in autumn

After hiking for 2,8 miles you will reach Little Eightmile Lake, which looks more like a pond. But don’t get deceived – it is not the place you are aiming to. But Little Eightmile Lake may become a great place for you to have some good rest before the last part of the trail. Passing Little Eightmile Lake you will find a trail junction having a sign on it. If you turn right you will find yourself at the Eightmile-Trout  Cr. Trail, leading to Lake Carolina. To get to Eightmile Lake you should keep strolling straight.

Photo of the Eightmile Lake Trail, Central Cascades, taken in autumn 

Half more mile and you will pass a boulder field after which you will reach the lake. Enjoy a striking view of this spectacular mountain lake! It’s a great place for swimming in a hot summer day, or fishing. If you go to the right side of the Eightmile Lake you will see the landslide, consisting of large red rocks.

If you are going to backpack at the lake, you need to get a permit. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the trail, the same as bicycles.


These pictures were taken in October, 2015

Driving Directions:

To get to the trailhead go along the Highway 2 West, drive through Leavenworth. At the end of the town take a left turn to the Icicle Creek Road. After 8,6 mile of driving along the Icicle Creek Road turn left to the Eightmile Road and follow it for about 3 miles till reaching the trailhead.

GPS Coordinates: N 47 32.164 W 120 48.835

In order to get directions click on the map below:


Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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