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Mowich Lake Campground

Parent Category: Mount Rainier
Created: 22 August 2014
Number of individual/group sites:  10/3
Cost per night: Free
GPS Coordinates:  46°55'58.0"N 121°51'47.2"W
Maximum days of stay: 14
Reservations: Walk-in tent sites are first-come, first-served
Prohibited: Fires, Groups of more than 12
Additional Info: Tolmie Peak Lookout, Eunice Lake, Spray Falls
Campground Features: Picnic tables, Tent platforms, Secure food storage

Photo from Mount Rainier National Park, Mowich Lake CampgroundPictures below will take you around this campground with gorgeous views! Take a minute to check it!


Photo from Mount Rainier National Park, Mowich Lake Campground

Mowich Lake Campground is one of most scenic sites in Mount Rainier National Park. It has wonderful possibilities for outdoor recreation and is located close to Spray Falls, Eunice Lake and Tolmie Peak Lookout.

This campground with 10 walk-in campsites at an elevation of 4,950 feet is a perfect place for those who want to visit the best places within Mount Rainier National Park.

It is not required to have a backcountry camping permit for this campground. Walk-in tent sites are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

Photo from Mount Rainier National Park, Mowich Lake Campground

Please, keep in mind that this campground at Mowich Lake is a very popular destination among hikers, mostly because it is free. The campground is open from early July till October. Bring enough drinking water with you.

It should be said that the Mowich Lake campground is the smallest campground out of four camping sites within Mount Rainier National Park. The road to the campsites is unpaved and may be difficult for trailers and RVs. The greatest advantage of this place is magnificent views of the mountain.

Photo from Mount Rainier National Park, Mowich Lake Campground

Mowich Lake is one of the main access points for the 93-miles Wonderland Trail, that’s why this campground is often used by the hikers, but unlike other campgrounds such as White River, Cougar Rock Campground or Ohanapecosh, campfires at Mowich Lake are prohibited.

If you decide to stay here, you will surely need to go kayaking, go hiking up to Tolmie Peak that provides 360-degree views of this beautiful Mount Rainier National Park, visit 354-foot Spray Falls and climb to Observation Rock that sits at 8,364 feet.

These pictures were taken on August 7, 2014


From Mowich Lake Entrance:

Follow State Road 165 eastward for 6.5 miles to Mowich Lake Campground.

In order to get the directions click on the link below:

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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