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Tipsoo Lake - Naches Peak Loop Trail

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Created: 27 August 2014
Location: Mt. Rainier
Roundtrip of the trail: 3 miles
Elevation Gain: 600 ft
Highest Point: 5849 ft
GPS Coordinates: 46°52'02.6"N 121°31'03.4"W
Season: Summer - Fall

Photo from Mount Rainier, Tipsoo Lake, Naches PeakPictures below will take you on a virtual tour to the beautiful lakes. Enjoy scenic views and gorgeous nature!!!


Photo from Mount Rainier, Tipsoo Lake, Naches Peak

Tipsoo Lake- Naches Peak Loop is an easy loop encompassing Naches Peak and offering breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier, colorful fields of flowers, and glassy lakes.

The trail has one of the best displays of wildflowers and is great for families with kids.

Experienced hikers recommend going in the clockwise direction along this trail, because for about half of the hike you’ll enjoy astounding views of Mount Rainier just in front of you.

Photo from Mount Rainier, Tipsoo Lake, Naches Peak

From the Tipsoo Lake parking lot take a path that runs around the lake and will bring you to Naches Peak Loop Trail that goes up the slope to the north. At this point be ready to cross the highway over the log bridge and continue your way along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Very soon you will forget about the highway and be wrapped up in the beautiful nature and a magic world of rocks and wildflowers. Small pond on your way is a great place for rest. Enjoy western anemone, lupine, paintbrush and beargrass along your way.

Photo from Mount Rainier, Tipsoo Lake, Naches Peak

At about 2.2 miles, hikers leave the Mount Rainier National Park and continue going to the top of a ridge. Enjoy the views and wildlife here. For those who want to continue the hike, there is an opportunity to go down to Dewey Lake. This lake is very popular and is considered to be a great place for camping.

If you decide to stay on the trail, it’s time to head back via the loop. Enjoy alpine meadows full of wildflowers and watch for marmots and elk.

On your way back, you will be able to see several creeks with waterfalls and very soon will be back near the highway. Cross it and return to the parking lot.


From Enumclaw

Drive east about 47 miles on State Route 410 to the junction with SR 123. Stay left to continue east on SR 410 another 3 miles. Park in the Tipsoo Lake parking lot on your left just past the footbridge marking Chinook Pass.

These pictures were taken on July 31, 2014

In order to get the directions click on the link below:

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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