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Palisades Lakes Trail

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Created: 14 September 2014
Location: Mount Rainier, Sunrise Area
Roundtrip of the trail: 7.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1800 ft
Highest Point: 6150 ft
GPS Coordinates: Trailhead: 46° 55' 03" N  121° 35' 16" W

Photo from Mt. Rainier, Sunrise Area, Palisades LakesPictures below will take you on a virtual tour to the most gorgeous chain of lakes. Enjoy the views!!!


The Palisades Lakes Trail that starts at Sunrise Point, offers splendid views of wonderful lakes along your way. The path passes six alpine lakes and every lake can be considered a perfect destination. It’s up to you where to stop and when to return.

Photo from Mt. Rainier, Sunrise Area, Palisades Lakes

Along the way look for picas and marmots, as well as deer or elk, they are often seen browsing on the beautiful alpine meadows. Experienced hikers say that the best time to visit this area is fall, because you will see the pristine nature in its’ colorful beauty, but August is great for those who adore green carpet with flowers.

The trail starts at the trailhead that is situated about 3 miles before the Sunrise Visitor Center. There is a big parking lot and there are numerous people who take pictures from here. The views from the ridge are gorgeous, you can see Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and beautiful surrounding.

Photo from Mt. Rainier, Sunrise Area, Palisades Lakes

From the parking lot, the trail takes you along the ridge and then drops down. When you follow the path, you will enjoy the views of beautiful Sunrise Lake ahead. It is a good place to enjoy the beauty, but it’s not our destination if you’ve chosen to go take the Palisades Lake Trail. When you come to a junction at the bottom of the hill, choose the path that takes you to Clover Lake. It is located 1.5 from the trailhead and is considered to be the second largest lake here.

The main path continues to run up the hill, along the beautiful and big meadow. Very soon you come to a junction to Hidden Lake, the path becomes very steep. As you gain the elevation, the views of the meadows below become more and more beautiful. The path brings you to the next beautiful lake – Hidden Lake. Wonderful shoreline and stunning rocky cliffs surround this alpine lake.

Photo from Mt. Rainier, Sunrise Area, Palisades Lakes

If you choose to continue to Palisades Lakes, stay right at the junction at Hidden Lake. At 2.5 miles from the parking lot, the trail goes between three lakes, which are known as Tom, Dick and Harry. There is a nice and small campsite near Dick Lake.

From the camp the trail enters thicker forest area and then reaches Upper Palisades Lakes. A very nice camping is available at Palisades Lakes, but don’t forget the permits.


From Enumclaw

Drive east 43 miles on State Route 410 to the Mount Rainier National Park White River Entrance. Turn right onto the Sunrise Road and drive for 17 miles west to the large parking lot and visitor center at the end of the road. Sunrise Road usually doesn't open until early July.

These pictures were taken on August 22, 2014

In order to get the directions click on the link below:

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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