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Glacier Basin Trail

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Created: 10 October 2014
Location: Mt. Rainier, White River Area
Lengh: 9.6 miles, roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 2,530 ft
Highest Point: 6,250 ft
GPS Coordinates: 47°26'00.6"N 121°46'03.0"W

Photo from Mount Rainier, Glacier Basin TrailPictures below will take you on a virtual tour along the beautiful trail in Mount Rainier National Park. Enjoy stunning views!!!


Photo from Mount Rainier, Glacier Basin Trail

The Glacier Basin Trail is a perfect hike on Mt. Rainier. Originally, it was a mining road that was carved in the late 1800s, but later it was turned into a hiking path. The trail is pretty wide and it takes you through old-growth forest to the Glacier Basin camp site.

Hikers say that summer is one of the best times of the year to hike here. Wildflowers along the way are just gorgeous; this hike is one of the most spectacular hikes in Mount Rainier National Park. But we hiked this path in October and we can say that this area is gorgeous in fall. Our team enjoyed the tranquil nature, autumn plants that were ablaze with different colors, and gushing mountain streams.

The Glacier Basin Trail starts at the end of the White River Campground loop. No worries, the trail is well-marked and is easily found. Thanks to the Park Service and devoted volunteers this trail is in a great condition. It is not only well-marked, but also well-maintained. On your way you will cross lots of small bridges that prove the great work of these people. Everything here is done with love.

Very soon hikers come to a junction with the Emmons Moraine Trail. By the way, this trail is of a great interest because it takes you to the glacier ponds that were created by the Emmons Glacier.

Photo from Mount Rainier, Glacier Basin Trail

On the way to the Glacier Basin enjoy mining history and artifacts that can be seen everywhere. At about three miles you find yourself at the Glacier Basin. There is a designated camp area, so if you want, you can stop here.

Originally, Glacier Basin was a mining camp – Camp Starbo. In the late 1890s there were over 40 claims that were found in the basin. It was a real copper fever. But all these claims were bought by the Mount Rainier Mining Company and were merged with the Starbo Mine. It should be said that in the early 1900s this region was developed. There was a hotel here, as well as a power plant and a blacksmith shop.

Photo from Mount Rainier, Glacier Basin Trail

Glacier Basin is a great place to have rest and to enjoy the beauty of Mount Rainier area. Those who wish can continue their hike, because the trail continues running along the moraine. The views of the mountains from the top of the moraine are just perfect and breathtaking.

The trail continues going further to Saint Elmos Pass and to Camp Schurman. No matter whether you stop here or continue going further, the Glacier Basin is very beautiful and you can enjoy its’ beauty along the way. We encourage you to check out latest pictures that will help you to imagine this hike and then to accomplish it.


From Enumclaw

Drive east for 43 miles on State Route 410 to the Mount Rainier National Park White River Entrance. Turn right onto the Sunrise Road, cross the White River, and turn left onto the White River Road. Follow this road to its end at the White River Campground. The trailhead is at the upper end of the campground loop.

These pictures were taken on October 2, 2014

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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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