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Skate Creek Road

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Created: 01 December 2014

Photo from Mount Rainier, Skate Creek RoadPictures and the video below will take you on a virtual drive along this beautiful road.

Photo from Mount Rainier, Skate Creek Road

Forest Road 52 is also known as Skate Creek Road. It travels between Packwood and Elbe from east to west. This is a paved road that runs through gorgeous forest following amazing Skate Creek. This low elevation forest is home for evergreen and deciduous trees.

Skate Creek Road starts at the biggest intersection in Packwood and travels to the west. When the road enters the National Forest, it gains some elevation and offers splendid views. Make sure you stop and enjoy this beauty, check our latest photos from this area, the views are breathtaking.

Photo from Mount Rainier, Skate Creek Road

Drivers may not only enjoy the views, but they can camp here. Camping spots are seen everywhere along the Skate Creek Road. It should be said that Skate Creek is located between Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and Mount Rainier National Park. Though the road is very primitive, it is really well-kept; it offers generous and gorgeous views of the emerald green forest and the velvet-silver waterfalls.

Fall colors are the most beautiful in this region, leaf carpeted paths are popular among hikers. Skate Creek is one of the favorite destinations for anglers.
Keep in mind, in winter Forest Road 52 is often closed when there is too much snow and the driving becomes unsafe.

Pictures were taken on October 27, 2014


Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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