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Window to Night by the Ocean 4K - Full Moon & Starry Sky with Gentle Waves Sound- Episode 7

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Window to Night by the Ocean 4K - Full Moon & Starry Sky with Gentle Waves Sound- Episode 7




4K - MP4, H265

Incredible video quality and fabulous picture!!!

Video form: Ruby Beach. Olympic National Park

Video title: Night At The Ocean Episode 7

Time of filming: Winter 2017

Equipment used: Blackmagic 4K Production camera

Video type: Nature soundscape video

Video resolution: 4K UHD

Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc

Cinematographer: Roman Khomlyak

Editor and colorist: Kiril Beliy

Supervising editor: Anatolii Pylypenko

Immerse yourself in the serenity of a tranquil night at Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park with our mesmerizing 4K relaxing video. Envision an artificial window framing the expansive view of the night ocean, where the rhythmic waves create a soothing soundscape. The full moon casts its gentle glow on Ruby Beach, enhancing the relaxing atmosphere of this nature video. Let the view provide a calming backdrop for deep relaxation, and sleep, as this video is 8 hours long—the ideal duration for restful sleep. Picture spending your night with the therapeutic sounds of the ocean in the background, allowing the gentle waves to lull you into a peaceful and rejuvenating slumber. Whether you're seeking a screensaver in 4K, calming vibes for background video, or simply the healing tranquility of the night ocean, this extended video offers the perfect accompaniment for a night of deep and healthy sleep.

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Ruby Beach, situated along the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, stands out for its captivating coastal beauty and intriguing geological attributes. A distinctive feature that sets Ruby Beach apart is its namesake, the almandite garnet. Originating from nearby metamorphic rock formations, these garnet grains lend a reddish hue to the beach's sand, often mistaken for rubies. Over time, the relentless action of waves and tides has transported these garnets to the shoreline. Beyond its visual allure, the presence of almandite garnet holds geological importance, indicating a history of high-pressure metamorphism in the region's bedrock. This transformative process, occurring millions of years ago, provides valuable insights into the tectonic history of the area. Ruby Beach not only charms with its picturesque scenery but also unveils a geological narrative that adds to its allure.

Ruby Beach, near the parking lot, is popular in warmer seasons. During a winter visit, our filmmaker Roman Khomlyak discovered a unique aspect. Here, amidst nature, a sense of strength, calmness, and joy prevails. Gazing at the ocean and cliffs, problems seem insignificant. Initially filmed in the daytime, this video was later enhanced, by adding an artificial night, a full moon, stars, and a window frame. This 4K soundscape video invites you to experience the joy of this secluded beach, day or night. Let the soothing ocean songs immerse you in perfect bliss, embracing the tranquility of Ruby Beach's coastal haven.

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