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Franklin Falls Trail Summer&Fall

Parent Category: Hiking
Created: 18 September 2014
Location: Snoqualmie Region, North Bend Area
Lengh: 2 miles, roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 400 ft
Highest Point: 2600 ft
GPS Coordinates: 47°25'28.6"N 121°26'00.6"W

Photo from Snoqualmie Region, North Bend Area, Franklin FallsPictures below will take you on a virtual tour along a popular trail to Franklin Falls. Enjoy the views!!!


Photo from Snoqualmie Region, North Bend Area, Franklin Falls

Franklin Falls is a short, only 1-mile hike that offers to plunge into the beautiful nature. This easy route takes hikers to the first of three major waterfalls on the South Fork Snoqualmie River – to Franklin Falls. These falls are very famous because of the fact that they are situated between the lanes of Interstate 90. 

Photo from Snoqualmie Region, North Bend Area, Franklin Falls

The path meanders through an old conifer forest to a 70-foot-high waterfall. Franklin Falls actually consist of three separate tiers. The total drop is 135 feet, but from the trail, hikers enjoy only the largest drop. You can see it at the picture.

April and July are considered to be prime months for enjoying the fall in its’ full strength. But be prepared to see numbers of hikers, because Franklin Falls attract tourists, especially on the weekends. Our team visited this place in September, but we liked it a lot. We can say that the beginning of fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy the strength of the falls. At the same time the place is not so crowded.

Photo from Snoqualmie Region, North Bend Area, Franklin Falls

Franklin Falls are famous not only for the falls, but also for a historic wagon-road trail, which is located at about a quarter-mile from the falls. This path is the last reminding of the original wagon road, which was constructed in the 1860s. It was used to cross Snoqualmie Pass. If you haven't visited the falls, check our pictures below and fully realize that this place is worthwhile visiting!


From Interstate 90

Take Exit 47, signed for Denny Creek and Asahel Curtis. Turn left, crossing the freeway, then turn right on Denny Creek Road # 58. You can hike to Franklin Falls from any of three starting points. The first is from Denny Creek Campground, located 2 miles up Road # 58. The second and third are points where Road # 58 intersects the Franklin Falls trail.

Franklin Falls, Snoqualmie region - 4K Relaxation Video

These pictures were taken on September 04, 2014


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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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