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Granite Mountain Trail

Parent Category: Hiking
Created: 24 October 2014
Location: Snoqualmie Region, Snoqualmie Pass
Length: 8.6 miles, Roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 3800 ft
Highest Point: 5629 ft
GPS Coordinates: 47°23'52.4"N 121°29'09.6"W 

Pictures below will take you along the most beautiful and steep trail. Enjoy autumn colors!

Photo from Snoqualmie Region, Snoqualmie Pass, Granite Mountain


The Granite Mountain Trail is a steep trail that requires much effort, but it leads to one of the best viewpoints in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Photo from Snoqualmie Region, Snoqualmie Pass, Granite Mountain

For many hikers, this trail is one of the favorite, because the views here take your breath away. At the end of the trail, hikers are surrounded by numerous summits, alpine terrain and they feel real closeness of the sky.

The hike begins at Pratt Lake trailhead and takes you up into a deep, mossy forest away from the highway. Later, you will see the highway from the top of the mountains, but it will be far away. As the path runs along the forest, enjoy hemlock, cedar, Pacific silver fir, sword fern, etc. The first mile is nice and not really difficult, though it takes you up, but the second and the third miles are much harder and more intense, and the last mile is just enormously difficult. Believe us every step brings you closer to the views that are well worth the climb.

Photo from Snoqualmie Region, Snoqualmie Pass, Granite Mountain

Take a look at our pictures and you will see everything with your own eyes.

The Pratt Lake Trail meets the Granite Mountain Trail, which takes you to the right. Follow these steep switchbacks that run through the woods and sometimes let you to come out onto the open slopes.

In about 1.5 miles, hikers come out from the woods and the trail continues climbing up to the ridge. The views from this open slope are incredible: fall colors interweave with green color of conifers, blue sky seems so close and the highway reminds you of a ribbon waving in the autumn breeze! Gorgeous nature and perfect masterpiece of the Creator!

Photo from Snoqualmie Region, Snoqualmie Pass, Granite Mountain

Very soon hikers will find themselves at the summit of Granite Mountain. But right now the trail becomes rock-laden. And now you realize why Granite Mountain has this name. Magnificent views of the valleys and the mountains open up from here. The Granite Mountain Lookout offers 360-degree views of the Snoqualmie Pass. Enjoy the nearness of the most famous mountains and closeness of the sky. It is so easy to forget about the reality and confirm: “Ah, linger on, thou art so fair!”


From Seattle

Drive east on I-90 to Exit 47. Turn left at the stop sign and cross over the freeway. Make another left at the "T" intersection, and park at the Pratt Lake Trailhead.

These pictures were taken on October 16, 2014

In order to get the directions click on the link below:

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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