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Loowit Viewpoint

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Created: 22 November 2016
Location: South Cascades Region, West of Mount St. Helens
Address: Spirit Lake Hwy, Vancouver, WA 98616, USA
Elevation: 3950 feet
GPS Coordinates: N  46 16.582  W 122 13.763
Visitor’s Information:

Open: early May - November
No Permits Required

Pictures below will take you to an incredible viewpoint providing gorgeous views of Mount St. Helens. Enjoy the beauty of an amazing scenery!

 Photo from Loowit Viewpoint, Mount St. Helens Area, South Cascades
General Information:

Traveling around Mount St. Helens Area, enjoying the astonishing scenery created by rigorous power of Nature, you will definitely visit Johnston Ridge Observatory. If you chose to drive there by State Route 504, do not forget to make one more stop approximately 1 mile before reaching the Observatory, otherwise you can miss yet another great point to view Mount St. Helens, its crater and the volcanic landscape created after its eruption. 

Loowit Viewpoint is an unpretentious pullover with parking space for various vehicles, including RVs and tourist buses. You will not find there a restroom or a water source. But it offers its visitors something much more important and precious – and that is the scene of the real rage and power of a volcano which seemed to be peacefully sleeping for so many years.

Photo from Loowit Viewpoint, Mount St. Helens Area, South Cascades

The view from this viewpoint is marvelous. The slopes of Mount St. Helens, covered with the solidified lava flows and debris deposits, present a great contrast to the territory surrounding the mountain, which is step by step coming back to life. Young trees and bushes, gorgeous summer wildflowers and vibrant birdsongs can make you to forget how demolished this area was only a little bit more than thirty-five years ago. 

Photo from Loowit Viewpoint, Mount St. Helens Area, South Cascades

The interpretive signs which you will find at the Loowit Viewpoint will show you the history of Mount St. Helens and its eruption. Here we actually learnt the story of the creation of its name. One of the names of this mountain was Law-We-Lat-Klah, which was given to it by the Cowlitz Indian People, and meant “The Smoker”, another name was Loo-Wit given to it by Klickitat People (which meant the “Keeper of Fire”), but in 1972 was renamed by George Vancouver into Mount St. Helens to honor Alleyne Fitzherbert, who was at that time the Ambassador of Great Britain to Spain (his title of nobility was Baron St. Helens).

Photo from Loowit Viewpoint, Mount St. Helens Area, South Cascades

Loowit Viewpoint has also an access to the Boundary Train #1, which can lead you either to Hummocks area and trailhead or to the Johnston Ridge Observatory.

The access to Loowit Viewpoint is free and doesn’t imply any fees, but you should remember that the viewpoint itself is closed starting from November and up to early May. 



We would like to offer you to enjoy this incredible relaxation video, beautiful views and nature sounds of which will transfer you to the  Mount St. Helens Area, so that you will be able to soak yourself in amazing wildflowers and birdsongs.



These pictures were taken on July 20, 2016

Driving Directions:

If you are coming from I-5, you shuld take Exit 49 and from Castle Rock go east by State Highway 504 for aproximately 51 miles. The Viewpoint is about 1 mile before the Johnston Ridge Observatory. 

GPS Coordinates:  N 46 16.582   W 122 13.763

In order to get directions click on the map below:



Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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