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Mountain Home Road, Autumn

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Created: 07 December 2015
Location: Central Cascades Region, Leavenworth Area
Distance : 17 miles
Elevation Gain: 1500  feet
GPS Coordinates:  N 47 35.818 W -121 20.948
Visitor’s Information:

No Permits Required

Pictures below will take you along a scenic road in Leavenworth area. Enjoy the beauty of autumn scenery!

 Photo from Mountain Home Road, taken in October; Leavenworth Area, Central Cascades Region
General Information:

Leavenworth is an amazing town worthwhile visiting by anyone, spending time at this area. With its center designed as a Bavarian village, Leavenworth attracts millions of tourists with its raciness, loveliness and abundance of picturesque views.

But not only the town is so popular, but the whole Leavenworth area. Wenatchee River and numerous creeks, wonderful parks and educative museums, gorgeous mountains and stunning gorges, marvelous meadows and astonishing ski hills – this is just a short list of treats waiting for the visitors of Leavenworth area. On the top of everything else, the area offers a great variety of activities, thus having a nigh-on magnetic attraction for skiers, hikers, bikers, kayakists and canoers as well as climbers and backpackers from the whole United States.

Photo from Mountain Home Road, taken in October; Leavenworth Area, Central Cascades Region

However, the main appeal of the Leavenworth area is unbelievable beauty and divine serenity of the nature. And to enjoy the sweeping views you don’t need to be a sportsman or a professional hiker to explore hundreds of miles of fascinating trails throughout the area. You may just take a drive along one of the numerous roads and drives of the Leavenworth area.

One of the most scenic drives, to our mind, the Leavenworth area may offer its visitors is the Mountain Home Road

You will find the road quite easy. If you travel from Leavenworth, you should drive east from it on Highway 2. Then just after crossing Wenatchee River turn right to East Leavenworth Road and take the first left turn on Mountain Home Road. 

We were lucky to travel by this road in October, in the middle of the fantastic multicolored Fall season, when the nature before falling into a deep winter sleep appears in all its beauty and glory. 

Photo from Mountain Home Road, taken in October; Leavenworth Area, Central Cascades Region

Driving along Mountain Home Road in autumn you will have a chance to enjoy the fascinating mountainous landscape full of bright vivid colors. The mix of deep green color of conifers and the gold of foliage trees and shrub vegetation is simply amazing.

After driving about 3 miles along Mountain Home Road you will reach a junction with the road, leading to Mountain Home Lodge – one of the most popular lodges in Leavenworth area, surrounded by splendid scenery. At this point a lot of bikers leave their cars and continue exploration of the area already on their bikes. 

Mountain Home Road is extremely popular among the bikers as it is the center of an extensive trail system with numerous trails which they use for riding. It is also very popular among climbers as there are several huge boulders in Mountain Home Road area, which are used by them for climbing.

Photo from Mountain Home Road, taken in October; Leavenworth Area, Central Cascades Region

In approximately 4,5 miles from the beginning of the road you will get an opportunity to admire the breathtaking views of the town of Leavenworth and magnificent Icicle Canyon. Make a stop and soak in the sweeping views, which will never fade away in your memory.

One more interesting feature you will meet while driving the Mountain Home Road are old train rails. There are a lot of stories people are creating about these “mysterious” rails. But in reality everything is not as mysterious as people think. The rails are located on a private property, which belongs to Mr. Bob Johnson. He had a plan to create a ski resort and wanted the train to take the visitors to his resort. But something went wrong and his plans were not brought to life. There you will also find a railroad tunnel with the closed gates. There are also rumors that two steam locomotives are stored there, which were bought by Johnson family.

Photo from Mountain Home Road, taken in October; Leavenworth Area, Central Cascades Region

The stunning views of Wedge Mountain and some glimpse of Enchantments will open in front of your eyes while passing some lookouts along the road. But except for the splendid views of beautiful nature you will also see what destruction a forest fire can bring, as this area was extremely impacted by a fire which burned up in 1994. There are a lot of burnt trunks, standing lonely among the new young trees and shrub vegetation, growing at the place of burnt forest.

Thus we highly recommend you to set aside some time and make this wonderful trip, to get an incredible experience with the nature of Leavenworth area.


These pictures were taken in October, 2015

GPS Coordinates: N 47 35.818 W -121 20.948

In order to get directions click on the map below:



Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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