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Mount Finlayson Trail

Parent Category: Islands
Created: 02 July 2014
Location: San Juan Island National Historical Park
Roundtrip: 3.5 miles
Features: Coast, Mountain views, Wildlife
Information: Good for kids
Dogs allowed on leash
GPS Coordinates: N 48 27.817, W 122 59.935

Photo from North Cascades, Friday Harbor, Mount Finlayson TrailPictures below will take you on a virtual tour along the trail! The photos will help you to imagine this perfect hike and to get an additional information!


Photo from North Cascades, Friday Harbor, Mount Finlayson Trail

Mount Finlayson Trail is a wonderful and easy route that takes hikers around Mount Finlayson on San Juan Island. The path runs through lush green forest, passing lagoons and offering stunning views of the Olympic Mountains, Mount Baker and the Cascades.

Mount Finlayson is more a hill than a mountain that rises along the southern shore of San Juan Island. The loop also gives the opportunity to explore the wooded side of the mountain (the northern side) and the southern side – open prairie.

Photo from North Cascades, Friday Harbor, Mount Finlayson Trail

The summit of Mount Finlayson gives the opportunity to enjoy and marvel the beauty of the coastline that stretches below, enjoy the hovering eagles, sandpipers, hawks and plovers.

It should be said that Mount Finlayson is located at the historical San Juan Island National Historical Park. This park was created to commemorate the bloodless Pig War. The Pig War began when American settler killed a pig that belonged to an Englishman. This confrontation involved British and American troops and the “battle” was over the possession of the land.

Photo from North Cascades, Friday Harbor, Mount Finlayson Trail

Start your hike at the Jakles Lagoon trailhead and continue to go east following the Mount Finlayson Trail. This trail is good for kids as it climbs gradually, opening wonderful views of the waters. At about 0.3 mile, you will come to trail that turns left, but we recommend continue going straight. This trail will take you to the top of Mount Finlayson. By the way, the mount got its’ name from one of the founders of Victoria, British Columbia.

The summit of the mountain offers perfect place for enjoying the Strait of Juan de Fuca, whales and eagles.


From San Juan Island

Follow Spring Street for 0.5 mile through town. Turn left onto Mullis Road, which becomes Cattle Point Road. Reach trailhead signed as “Jakle’s Lagoon” in 6.7 miles.

These pictures were taken on June 13, 2014

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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Pavlo Petryshyn

Information: Marina Petrova

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