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Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own." - Charles Dickens

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Picture Lake Trail
Parent Category: Mt. Baker Area
Created: 01 December 2015

One of the best places to admire during the fall season is Picture Lake. This small lake is surrounded by a fantastically gorgeous landscape. May be that is why it is one of the most often visited and photographed places in the whole North America. 

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Table Mountain Trail 60
Parent Category: Mt. Baker Area
Created: 19 August 2014

Table Mountain Hike is one of the most beautiful, popular and amazing hikes in the Mount Baker Wilderness. Not even the hike itself, but also the drive to the trailhead is very scenic and offers astonishing views of the mountains.

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Picture Lake Trail 6
Parent Category: Mt. Baker Area
Created: 18 August 2014

Picture Lake Trail is a wonderful 0.5-mile trail that opens gorgeous views. Picture Lake is one of the main attractions in the Heather Meadows area. The beauty of this area is indescribable. The perfect picture of Mt. Shuksan is mirrored in the lake.

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