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Table Mountain Trail

Parent Category: Mt. Baker Area
Created: 19 August 2014
Location: Mt. Baker Area, Artist Point
Roundtrip of the trail: 3 miles
Elevation Gain: 560 ft.
Highest Point: 5700 ft.
General Info: NW Forest Pass Required
GPS Coordinates: 48°50'46.8"N 121°41'33.6"W
Season: Midsummer - Fall

Photo from North Cascades, Mt. Baker Area, Artist Point, Table Mountain TrailPictures below will take you on a virtual tour to the top of Table Mountain, enjoy astounding scenery!


Photo from North Cascades, Mt. Baker Area, Artist Point, Table Mountain Trail

Table Mountain Hike is one of the most beautiful, popular and amazing hikes in the Mount Baker Wilderness. Not even the hike itself, but also the drive to the trailhead is very scenic and offers astonishing views of the mountains.

Many people, who do not like to hike, but who adore gorgeous scenery and perfect views choose this place to visit because even the parking lot opens earthshaking views.

Photo from North Cascades, Mt. Baker Area, Artist Point, Table Mountain Trail

The parking lot here is one of the highest places you can drive to at the elevation of 5,100 feet. Be ready to start your hike early because of the popularity of the place.

Artist Point, where the hike begins, is an interesting place from the geological point of view, the mount was formed thousands years ago and resembles a layered cake, some hikers say that it reminds them of a stack of broken plates. The top of the mountain is composed of very old lava flows.

The trail climbs up through beautiful and ancient lava cliffs to the summit of Table Mountain. The path is really rugged and very steep. It’s not recommended to take kids with you, it can be dangerous.

Photo from North Cascades, Mt. Baker Area, Artist Point, Table Mountain Trail

When the trail reaches the plateau, wonderful views unclose before hikers. On a clear day, you will be surely amazed by the views of Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan, as well as by the beautiful landscape that is at your feet. Take a look at our pictures and imagine a perfectly sunny day, mountains covered with snow and glassy lakes and green slopes. This combination is wonderful!

Be ready to meet ample marmots and pikas as well as ptarmigans and grouses, sometimes even goats and bears.
The end of the trail is at 1.5 mile at the top of Table Mountain. Here, it’s time to go back, unless you want to continue.
We recommend visiting Artist Ridge Trail, an easy, 0.5-mile trail that takes you to Huntoon Point. This trail also provides astounding views of North Cascades. Sunsets here are considered to be dramatic and superb, lots of photographers here.


From the Glacier

Drive east to the end of Mt. Baker Highway - SR 542 for about 24 miles. The trail is accessed from the western side of the parking lot, which is opposite the bathrooms.

These pictures were taken on July 27, 2014

In order to get the directions click on the link below:

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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