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Seattle Waterfront

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in Seattle
Created: 02 September 2015

 Photo from Seattle Waterfront, downtown Seattle

Address: Seattle Waterfront, Seattle, WA 98101

Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour through the marvelous Seattle Waterfront. Enjoy unforgettable views!


Seattle Waterfront, the central part of which is located at Downtown Seattle, is one of the best recreation areas in Seattle, offering a wide range of various activities.

After the Nisqually earthquake in 2001 a part of Alaskan Way viaduct was damaged and in 2009 the decision was made to replace the damaged part of the viaduct by an underground tunnel. The state of Washington was funding the tunnel boring. The task of the city of Seattle and King County was taking care of all the improvements of surface street and reparation of Elliot Bay Seawall, also damaged during the earthquake. This is how the rebuilding of Seattle’s waterfront started, which turned this place into one of the best recreation places in Seattle. 

The program on waterfront rebuilding is a multi-year program, and some construction works are still conducted there, causing some noise. But to our mind this noise can’t disturb you from enjoying you day at this splendid place. And besides all these, we think it may be interesting to visit Seattle Waterfront at different times, noticing all the changes which have been made during your absence. 

 Photo from Seattle Waterfront, downtown Seattle

Now, stretching from Pioneer Square to Shilshole Marina, Seattle Waterfront represents a mixture of different parks, piers, souvenir shops, restaurants, ship terminals, docks, arcades, art galleries and much more. There are so many attractions here that you’ll probably have hard time to see all of them in just one day. Anyone can find something interesting for himself here.

If you decide to have a nice family outing at Seattle Waterfront, the Seattle Aquarium is a perfect place for your kids to be taken to, which will give them an opportunity both to have fun and to learn something new about flora and fauna of Puget Sound and Pacific Ocean. Make sure to participate at one of their interactive exhibits! This will be a really unforgettable time for your kids. You will find the Aquarium at Pier 59.

Photo from Seattle Waterfront, downtown Seattle 

For those of you who are fond of fine art, Seattle Waterfront may offer visiting an exquisite Olympic Sculpture Park, which is a part of Seattle Art Museum, and enjoy the variety of large sculptures and different art installations in an outdoor setting. One of the most famous pieces of art her is a fountain called “Father and Son” which is installed on the border between Olympic Sculpture Park and Myrtle Edwards Park. The admission to this park is free. 

If you are looking for some outdoor activities, the fishing piers, bike paths and boat launches of Seattle Waterfront are waiting for you.

And of course, the most precious and fascinating attraction of Seattle Waterfront is its spectacular views. 

Depending on what you are interested in, you can use different options of observing the outstanding scenery. 

Photo from Seattle Waterfront, downtown Seattle 

The Great Wheel of Seattle Waterfront will open for you remarkable views of Puget Sound, downtown Seattle and West Seattle skyline, and if you come there on a clear sunny day, you will be amazed by the view of the Olympic Mountains with their glaciered peaks. And at the dark time of the day the Great Wheel provides the visitors with a really amazing light show. The Great Wheel is situated on Pier 57.

There are also Washington State Ferries belonging to Washington State Department of Transportation. They float across the Puget Sound, carrying people to and from different points. You can travel on a ferry in your car or on foot. The Washington State Ferry terminal is located at Pier 52.

There are also a lot of sailboats and vessels besides the Washington State Ferries, offering various tours and scenic cruises. Depending on the company, operating the tour, they are based on Piers 54, 56 and 69.

If you are looking for some peaceful and secluded place where you can relax and be caught up in your thoughts and dreams without being disturbed by anyone, you should go to the Myrtle Edwards Park, which adjoins Olympic Sculpture Park, as this park is usually not very crowded. A great place to take delight in the beauty of the surrounding nature, or just to admire the serene view of a sunset over the Puget Sound. 

Photo from Seattle Waterfront, downtown Seattle 

You can also always have a great time walking along the boardwalk, enjoying the enchanting scenery or exploring some new places.

Thus, Seattle Waterfront will leave no one bored or indifferent. Treasure all the wonderful moments spent there.

These pictures were taken in April, 2015


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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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