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Amazing Seattle Streets, Springtime

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in Seattle
Created: 06 July 2018

 Pictures below will take you to a short tour through the amazing Seattle Streets! Marvel at the beauty of our beloved Washington State!

Photo taken from Seattle, the USA

The best way to learn more about a city is to take a stroll through its streets. They can really tell you so many interesting and unbelievable things. You can learn the history of a city, its outstanding people who lived there and made a contribution and maybe even fall in love with its culture Exploring roads and streets you will definitely find what you are looking for. It’s an extremely educational, enjoyable and relaxing experience! 

Photo taken from Seattle, the USA

 General Information:

Take in the gorgeous beauty of the Emerald City! Seattle teems with many admirable attractions and sights, business centers, huge buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, parks, resting spots, art galleries, museums, and of course, breathtaking views and truly awesome streets to check out. 

Photo taken from Seattle, the USA

Tourists flock to Seattle from all corners of the world to soak up the emerald environment and enjoy incredible views from lots of observation decks. If you are a true adventure seeker and also eager to explore the Old Seattle take a walk along 100 Yesler Way. This east-west Seattle’s street takes its name from one of the founders, Henry Yesler.

Photo taken from Seattle, the USA

You will be enchanted by the amazing Pioneer Square. It’s a charming area of a triangular shape which can offer a great number of recreational opportunities. You will encounter very old and majestic historic old and historic buildings, sculptures, well-groomed trees and immerse in the history of this majestic city. When you encounter a huge totem pole, be sure, you are at the right place. You can also walk along this street and discover Smith Tower, City Hall Park

Photo taken from Seattle, the USA


If you decide to explore the Pioneer Square area the place you should visit it’s Occidental Square, the 0.6-acre park nestled on the north of S. Main Street. This is a pretty nice spot with tables for family gathering, playing games and enjoying the awesome surrounding environment. You can also find a couple of fantastic totem poles there. 

Photo taken from Seattle, the USA

You can continue your way along the S. Main Street and head north on 2-nd Avenue and then turn uphill into James Street. You will pass the great building of the King County Administration. To get the best views you should proceed to 5th Avenue. You will find yourself among the magnificent skyscrapers and the highest one in Seattle it will be the Columbia Center that features a striking Sky View Observatory. Spend a beautiful time, marvel at the sweeping views and immerse in the city life!                                                
To help you easier to find some of these places you can check out the coordinates below!



These pictures were taken on April 20, 2017.


GPS Coordinates:
N 47 36.108 W 122 20.093
N 47 36.107  W 122 20.093
N 47 36.000 W 122 19.989
N 47 36.041 W 122 19.991
N   47 36.206 W 122 19.738
N 47 36.270 W 122 19.830


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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Olena Ukholova

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