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Seattle Seafair Air Show and Hydroplane Race

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in Seattle
Created: 02 January 2014

The first week in July is considered to be one of the most important for Seattle because it’s the beginning of Seafair week. This is the best time of the year for such events because the weather is great. Usually Seafair events take place throughout July. 

The first events of Seafair were held in 1951. Some of the original events are still held nowadays among them is the arrival of the Seafair Pirates and the Seafair Parade. Also new events are added such as Torchlight Parade and the hydroplane races.

Many years ago during the Seafair King’s Neptune’s ship (old and derelict ship) was burned by the Pirates. Nowadays the most important and the most picturesque event of Seafair are the hydroplane races. In the 1951 a hydroplane with the name Slo-Mo-Shun IV which was built in Seattle won the Gold Cup and since then the race is held in Seattle. Each year on the shoreline of Lake Washington the race gathers over 100,000 spectators who enjoy the performing.

The Seafair Air Show is another great event. The Air Force Thunderbird's teams participated in the show in the beginning of the tradition. Nowadays the Navy Blue Angels and The Patriots Jet Team usually perform at the show. They do their great and picturesque maneuvers for thousands of people who are gathered here. 

The unlimited hydroplane races on Lake Washington are considered to be one of the most thrilling of Seattle's summer events. Usually the racing and the events are held for three days at Genessee Park.

The events that are held on the shore include military flight simulations, Kids Zone inflatable rides, entertainment, interactive exhibits, giveaways, beer gardens and food from different vendors.

No alcohol and pets are allowed, but the visitors can bring food and other beverages. If you want to sit and to enjoy the show, you are welcome to bring the chairs or a blanket, though many people choose to sit on the grass.

It is a great time to visit Seattle, because during Sefair week you will enjoy the city and all the events that are held here.

You should keep in mind that during this week something is happening somewhere in the city such as street concerts, parade’s for kids and different exhibits.

Don’t be afraid if you encounter pirates! 

Don't miss these interesting and entertaining events.

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Seattle Seafair 2013 Air Show And Hydroplane Race from Roman Khomlyak.

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Information: Marina Petrova

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