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Coal Creek Falls Trail

Parent Category: Hiking
Created: 29 November 2013
Length: 2.8 miles / 4.5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1-3 hours
Elevation Gain: 350 feet
Highest Point: 1000 feet
Visitor’s Information:

Family friendly; Dogs allowed on leash

Hours: The park is open year around from 8:00AM to Dusk
General Information:

Coal Creek Trail is an easy hike that will tell you a lot about the history of coal mining in this region. Visitors will encounter different interesting things from the past along the way such as coal mine shaft and a railroad cart turntables. But most of the artifacts are difficult to find and see because grass has grown over them. The mine was abandoned in 1886 and the bottom of the shaft is 518 feet below sea level.

The main attraction during this hike is considered to be Cougar Mountain’s Coal Creek Falls and its water that makes this region really special and beautiful. The Falls are located at Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park.


Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park is located in King County in Washington and is a part of the park system near the cities of Bellevue, Issaquah and Newcastle. Coal Creek Falls Loop leads visitors through the park and opens great views on natural beauty, including forests, waterfalls, cliffs and meadows.

It is recommended starting your journey from the Red Town parking lot. Going that way you will quickly encounter an old coal mine shaft that is sealed. The informational kiosk that is situated nearby tells visitors a lot about the history of the towns that existed here before.

A little bit further from the kiosk, you will find the North Fork Falls. They are very small so the best time to visit these falls is after the rain.

If you take Cave Hole Trail, you will encounter cave holes which were left by miners when they were too close to the surface.

From here visitors walk along the Coal Creek Falls Trail which is considered to be mild and to contain few ups and downs.

While walking along the loop to Coal Creek Falls, you will see madrona trees and hardwoods, colorful wildflowers such as violets and bleeding hearts.

The Coal Creek falls are only 28 feet tall, but during the rainy season (from January to March) you will be able to see wonderful ice figures that are formed by the splashing water. In the middle of the summer you will see here only small streams that run between the rocks.

It should be said that you can hike Coal Creak Falls Loop all the year round. In summer you will be hypnotized by the beauty of the flowers and lush greenery. And in winter the falls are in all their beauty.

Issaquah Coal Creek Fall, relax music by blank&jones "chilled cream" Easy weekends city hike. from Roman Khomlyak.


From I-90 East take Exit 13 and turn right at the stop sign. Continue to follow Lakemont Blvd SE and in about 3 miles away you will see the Red Town Trailhead parking lot which will be on the left. This is the Cougar Mountain parking area. The Coal Creek trail is across the street from the parking area. There is no cross walks, so be careful while crossing the street.

From Interstate 405, take the Coal Creek Parkway exit to the city of Newcastle; turn left on Southeast 72nd Street and then another left onto Newcastle-Coal Creek Road. There will be a small parking area in about 1.8 miles from the exit.

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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Information: Marina Petrova

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