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Henry Moses Aquatic Center, Summertime

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Created: 28 July 2017

 Photo taken at Henry Moses Aquatic Center, Renton, Washington State


 Henry Moses Aquatic Center
 1719 SE Maple Valley Highway,
 Renton, WA 981057

 Phone:   425-430-6780
 Rates:    http://rentonwa.gov/living/default.aspx?id=494
 Open Season:   Middle of June – beginning of September (Labor Day)
 Visitor’s Information:   For “Resident Discount” a proof of Renton residency is needed

Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour at an incredible Henry Moses Aquatic Center, Renton. Make sure to visit it whenever you have a chance and have lots of fun there!

Photo taken at Henry Moses Aquatic Center, Renton, Washington State


Open pools are one of the best options to spend a hot sunny day in summer. And for Renton residents and guests, one of the best alternatives is the Henry Moses Aquatic Center. After being opened in the year 2004as the 3rd segment of the Renton City Complex located in Cedar River Park, this aquatic center very quickly became one of the favourite places for family recreation. 

 Photo taken at Henry Moses Aquatic Center, Renton, Washington State

The aquatic center consists of a more then 9,000 square feet large activity- or, as it's also called, leisure-pool perfect for small kids as it has a “zero-depth entry”, and 3,300 square-feet large lap pool (with 6 lanes, 25-yard long)

Among the various anemnities and facilities of Henry Moses Aquatic Center are the following:

     - two water slides (with height of 26 feet each), one of them is designated only for body slide, at the second one the use of flotation devices is possible; kids should be at least 48 inches tall to be allowed to ride them;

     - “wave pool” 

     - todlers' water-area

     - “water spray garden”

     - “lazy river” (kids with the age of 8 and under should be accompanied here by people of 16 years old or over)

     - pool house

     - lockers (25 cents for using them)

     - Shark Bites Cafe (where you actually can get various beverages, as well as different snacks) 

Though there is quite a large deck area around the pool, be prepared for a crowd rush at the time of gates opening, especially on a sunny day, as people are trying to occupy the shady spots, as they are quite few.

Photo taken at Henry Moses Aquatic Center, Renton, Washington State 

There are two sessions at the aquatic center: the first one starts at noon and lasts till 3:30pm, the second one is from 4pm and till 7:30pm. The tickets start to be sold three hours before the beginning of the session, that is at 9am – for the first session, and at 1pm for the second one. 

Usually the 2nd session (especially on week-days) is much less crowded.

As the Henry Moses Aquatic Center is a public facility, the prices for Renton residents are somewhat lower then the prices for non-residents. You may check the prices at the website of Renton City Community Complex.

Please also mind that kids are not allowed to bring any water toys with them.


These pictures were taken on July 01, 2017

In order to get directions click on the map below:


Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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