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Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park, Springtime

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Created: 18 July 2017

 Photo taken at Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park, King County, Washington State

 Location:   King County, Renton Area

 18118 172nd Ave SE,
 Maple Valley Heights, WA 98058

 Phone:   206-477-4527
 Acreage:   390
 Visitor’s Information: 

 No Pass is Needed for Parking at the Trailhead.
 In case you would like to park closer to the lake  Discover Pass may be needed.


Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour through Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park. Enjoy the beauty of our beloved Washington State!

Photo taken at Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park, King County, Washington State


Only city dwellers may fully understand and appreciate the availability of the wild forest in a close proximity to the city. A place, where city residents can have their personal “natural hiding-place”, where they can escape to have some rest from the everyday hustle, to take a breath of some fresh air, to reboot and refresh their mind and soul. And if such a place can be found within the city limit – it is just priceless!

Photo taken at Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park, King County, Washington State

Spring Lake – Lake Desire Park is such a place for the residents and guests of Renton city. This forested park, extending over 390 acres, is a great place to enjoy the charms and fascination of wild nature in the midst of a busy world of a city.

The park occupies the territory between two lakes (Spring Lake and Lake Desire), after which it received its name. About three miles of trails meandering through the second-growth forest will allow you exploring of the park area. The trails are designated for the use of pedestrians as well as equestrians and bicycle racers, though some parts of the trails are overgrown and from time to time you may see the exposed tree-roots, that is why it is better to watch your steps, especially during the wet weather, when the trails are muddy and slippery.

Photo taken at Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park, King County, Washington State

A part of the park, attached to the western part of Spring Lake consists of marshy terrain, but several wooden footbridges will help you to investigate this area too. And in between the lakes there is the main attraction of the park – the Echo Mountain, which is actually quite a modest summit with the height of approximately 900 feet. But climbing it will open for you beautiful views of the both lakes.

Strolling along the trails through the wild parklands you should pay attention to see various wildflowers.

The only disadvantage of the trail-system of this park is that the trails are unmarked and in order not to get lost, it is better to get a map printed out before going for a hike here, which you may find at the web-site of King County (http://aqua.kingcounty.gov/gis/web/VMC/recreation/BCT_SpringLkMcGarvey_brochure.pdf).

Photo taken at Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park, King County, Washington State

What should also be mentioned that the Spring Lake – Lake Desire Park is connected with some other parks of this area (such as McGarvey Park, Petrovisky Park, and some other natural areas, with total space of more than a thousand acres).

These pictures were taken on April 07, 2013

Driving Directions:

Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park is located eastwards of Renton near Fairwood. From the Maple Valley Highway, SR-169, or SE Petrovitsky Road, you should take 196th Avenue SE , then continue to SE 183rd Street to East Spring Lake Drive. Follow the road around the lake till you get to the trailhead at the end of West Spring Lake Drive SE. Nearby a boat launch can also be found. 

Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park and McGarvey Park are also served by Metro bus route 148 to Fairwood.


In order to get directions click on the map below:


Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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