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Kerry Park

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Created: 25 November 2013

211 W Highland Dr., 98119





General Information:

Kerry Park is situated at the corner of 2nd Avenue W. and W. Highland Drive on the slope of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. This viewpoint is considered to be one of the most favorite places among the tourists and photographers because here one may enjoy the real beauty of the skyline of the Seattle city, famous Space Needle and gorgeous Mount Rainier.

Kerry Park is also perfect picnic spot as it is situated far from the traffic in a quiet place in a nice neighborhood. The plaque on a wall at Kerry Viewpoint says: "Kerry Park given to the City in 1927 by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sperry Kerry, Sr., so that all who stop here may enjoy this view."

Kerry Viewpoint draws a great number of people with cameras; here views on downtown Seattle, Elliot Bay, Bainbridge Island and Mount Rainier are opened.

Another popular place to take pictures here at Kerry Viewpoint Park is “Changing Forms” installation. This steel sculpture which is 15 feet high was created by famous artist Doris Totten Chase. It was a gift from Kerry's three children. The sculpture was installed at the park in 1971 and since then it has been popular and famous among photographers from around the world. Usually they use this installation as a frame to the pictures of the Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier. It goes without saying that the sculpture is popular among the kids who love to crawl around it.

This charming park features lots of benches and a coin-operated telescope which helps tourists to understand the city better. By the way, the park is a great place for newcomers because it offers excellent geographic orientation.

If you look around you will be able to see the totem pole which is situated in the garden on the opposite side of the street.

Children are also welcomed to well-maintained Kerry Park. Stair will lead you down the hill where you will find great children’s playground and tennis court.

It goes without saying that this is the view that lures people to Kerry Park. This viewpoint is popular not only during the day but also during the night as the night gives you the opportunity to watch the city lights with the lights from the ferries that enter the waters of Puget Sound. 

In Kerry Park you will be able to see different types of people. For sure you will meet tourists from around the world and will hear different languages here because Seattle is a popular travel destination.

Also you will be able to meet photographers who come here to take pictures from the most iconic spot. 

This place is also popular for taking wedding pictures as Seattle works as a perfect background for these pictures.

This park is a truly magical place and so breathtaking. Hopefully, you take the advice and visit Kerry Park if you haven’t visited it before. You may also visit this park again and again because Kerry Park is worth multiple visits.

Park Features:
  • Basketball 
  • Play Area
  • Picnic opportunities

Night Seattle in HD (view from Kerry park) from Beautiful Washington

Kerry Park,Seattle from Beautiful Washington


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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Information: Marina Petrova

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