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Marshall Park

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Created: 26 November 2013

7th Ave W & W Highland Dr., 98199


4 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.




Marshall Park is probably one of the smallest parks in Seattle. This park was also known as “Phelps Place”. It was situated across Parsons Garden before Queen Anne Boulevard was expanded and improved. The park was named after the Marshalls in 1960. He wass a partner of Foster & Marshall Investment Bankers and Brokers and Marshall and Meyer Municipal Bonds.


It should be mentioned that Betty Bowen Viewpoint became a part of the park in 1977-1978, the park contains a memorial to Betty Bowen, a well-loved matron of the arts.

Situated on the top of Queen Anne hill it opens great views before the visitors of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound.

It should be said that the small park which has only three benches and a tree includes some great pieces of art that were done by the famous artists such as Morris Graves, Margaret Tompkins, Victor Steinbrueck, Guy Anderson, Kenneth Callahan and Charles Stokes. These pieces of art are cast in the concrete walkway there and are unsigned. So usually tourists try to guess which piece is whose.

It should be said that Kerry Park which is situated close by provides views of downtown Seattle, but this small but convenient park opens the views of the islands, and the Olympic Mountains.

It also has great views of the bays, Alki Beach and the Magnolia Bridge, Marina area and West Seattle.


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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Information: Marina Petrova

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