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Fabulous Squak Mountain Fireplace Trail in Winter

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Created: 25 February 2019

Walking in a snowy forest

Location:  Squak Mountain State Park, Washington
Roundtrip:  4 miles
Difficulty:  lightly trafficked
Google GPS Coordinates:  N 47 30.066 W 122 2.829
Garmin GPS Coordinates:  N 47 30.054 W 122 2.834
Visitor’s Information:  Discovery Pass 

 Dogs are allowed on a leash 


 Do you still think that hiking in winter is not for you? Take a look at this winter wonderland and you'll probably change your mind!

I never miss an opportunity to experience the beauty of Washington's natural landscape.  Today, I’d like to share my winter adventure. Indeed, winter is one of the best times to hike in the woods.  It’s hard to believe that you can continue to enjoy the great outdoors during the cooler temperatures. But I do! There are plenty of reasons to love winter hiking.  These are my top 5 reasons to do it in winter:  Do you still think that hiking in winter is not for you? Take a look at this winter wonderland and you'll probably change your mind!

No bugs  ❄ 
New and unique perspective!  
No crowds  
No heat  
Beauty and peace all around you!  

 Walking in a snowy walking

The forest is so awesome in winter! There is a quiet winter beauty and charm! I love such places like Squak Mountain State Park offering great family friendly trails to explore while remaining close to town.  

Located within a few hours drive of King County (my home county) Squak Mountain Fireplace Trail is a pleasant short hike through the woods but nothing special (except in winter time). If you take a look at the pictures of this trail in the internet you’ll probably see that it’s mostly snow-free in winter.

But this February the most significant winter storm in years hit the area. Everything was almost buried in snow. So, I decided to capture beautiful winter memories enjoying this rare weather phenomenon on this lovely trail.

Walking in a snowy forest

The park was at the same place as always (near Issaquah) but it looked absolutely different! It reminded me a winter fairy-tale. The trail itself is in good condition, well signed and accessible year-round. It starts at the Squak Mountain State Park trailhead winding up the mountain through the fascinating old-growth forest of firs and cedars. I was lucky enough to be out while it’s snowing to contemplate this magical winter scenery. Winter trees are a true spectacle to behold! I looked around and everything was covered with a snowy white blanket! This dog friendly trail is perfect for a wonderful day hike. Hikers of all levels can enjoy a wide range of activity options like running, bird watching and nature walking. 

There was the solitude and peace that I was looking for. I saw only a few people on the trail. In winter the trail is less crowded, the atmosphere is quiet and there are views that you'll never see during the other time of the year...  

Walking in a snowy forest

With every step I sank my feet into the deep snow. Sometimes the snow made the movement quite difficult! However my shoes did a great job! It was really a good workout and I got the privilege of taking amazing pictures and filming of this winter wonderland. 

The trail can connect you to other trails as there were signed junctions with several other trails on my way. I took a walk to the   Bullitt fireplace  ❄ that can be a great lunch spot for hikers. Actually, I love to discover some historic landmarks on hiking trails. I saw a bench by the massive fireplace. There used to be an old summer cabin on the mountain that belonged to the Bullitt family before it had been burned down by vandals.  

Walking in a snowy forest

I  took a short rest, had a snack and went back to the trailhead. But if you want to continue the winter adventure, reach a junction with the Central Peak Trail where you can discover other fascinating spots with gorgeous views. Snowy season it’s a perfect time to enjoy and explore the area in a completely different way!

 What about your winter hiking adventure?  Share it in the comments!

Photos were taken by a photographer, filmmaker, hiker and blogger Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

For a full-immersive experience I offer you to watch my new 4K UHD relaxation videos from this trail on my Youtube Channel: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsPMpFKvZIA&t=6210s  and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESCNUu4lBE8&t=3973s Take in the mind-blowing scenery and relax!



 Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour along a lovely Squak Mountain Fireplace Trail !  Enjoy the beauty of an amazing scenery!

These pictures were taken on February 4, 2019




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