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English Camp 7
Parent Category: Islands
Created: 30 July 2014

San Juan Island National Historical Park is also known as American and English Camps. The camps are situated on San Juan Island. The park was created to commemorate the bloodless Pig War.

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Lime Kiln State Park 14
Parent Category: Islands
Created: 28 July 2014

Lime Kiln Point is a very nice 36-acre park that is located in the western part of San Juan Island. This island is very popular among tourists, because it is considered to be one of the best places in the world for whale-watching. The most popular whales that choose these waters for summer are Orca whales.

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Cattle Point Lighthouse 56
Parent Category: Islands
Created: 25 July 2014

Cattle Point is one of the most popular places in the south part of San Juan Island. The main attractions at Cattle Point are American Camp, Mount Finlayson, Fourth of July Beach and South Beach and, of course, the Cattle Point Lighthouse.

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Diablo Lake
Parent Category: Attractions
Created: 01 September 2015

Don't let the name of Diablo Lake deceive you! Going there and thinking about the hell (as “Diablo” means “devil” in Spanish), you make it into heaven. Unique, outstanding, fascinating, enchanting – all these words cannot fully describe the real beauty of this place.

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The Trapper Condo 9
Parent Category: Hotels and Lodgings
Created: 14 August 2014

 Mt. Baker Vacation Rentals will help you to find a perfect place for your recreation in Mt. Baker Area. All the vacation cabins and lodgings are located in the Glacier Communities of Mt. Baker Rim, Snowline, Snowater, Glacier Springs and Snowline Inn.

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Silver Lake Park Red Mountain Campground
Parent Category: Campgrounds
Created: 17 May 2018

 It's an awesome location to take your horse camping with you, enjoy a peaceful environment with amanities and ride a horse in the woods.

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Silver Fir Campground
Parent Category: Campgrounds
Created: 02 December 2015

If you are planning hiking or backpacking trip in Mount Baker Area, and are looking for a peaceful and safe place for overnight, or if you just want to spend a weekend camping somewhere among beautiful landscape, enjoying fantastic views, Silver Fir Campground will suit you perfectly. 

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